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10 Mar 2017

Liverpool "Por Favor, Sucesso"1969 Brazil Psych Rock

Liverpool  "Por Favor, Sucesso"1969 Brazil Psych Rock

Liverpool is one of our favored bands from Brazil. The LP Por Favor, Sucesso (Please, Success) comes together with the ultra-rare 7 inch EP Marcelo Zona Sul, a Brazilian movie from 1970. (you can watch a film-clip on This Flower Power Art Rock album stands out among the other Brazilian Psych album. It is as good as Modolu 1000 but with better composed songs, influenced by the British Underground, with great guitars, hammond, effects, complex compositions, uplifting vocals with lots of soul, Allman Brothers style wailing guitars, wah-wah, sometimes sweat and mellow, sometimes extra heavy psychedelic---all with a great touch of Brazilian music. Perhaps one of the best albums from South America. All original tracks, 19 in total (including the 6 EP tracks)..............

The more I listen the more I like. Started out feeling that puzzled that the usually spot-on Shadoks guys referred to Liverpool as one of their favorite bands from Brazil, considering the wealth of incredible music to come out of the country. Don’t know why it was slow to sink in how frigging awesome this is, maybe I wasn’t listening loud enough, or maybe I was listening for the wrong things: where a band like Os Mutantes had awesome production, these guys really don’t: the sound is rather generic - your typical sixties rock band sound, clean guitars, some wah wah, drums bass and vocals. Nothing special. But they make up for that bland rock sound with incredible content. Which is probably why this does take a few listens to begin to truly appreciate what’s going on.

What is going on is some incredible songwriting, beautiful flowing melismatic melodies that are the Brazilian stock in trade, feverish rhythms, also another typical Brazilian strength. Personally, I find the band at their strongest when they are doing material that stays closer to the Brazilian/tropicalia sound and influence than the more North American/British rock side of their sound… Then again, I’m a bit burnt out on the straight psyche reissue sound unless it’s really unique/powerful. It’s also pretty sweet when the band successfully blends the two divergent paths. And definitely the upbeat tracks are the infectious best. Tracks like “Por Favor Sucesso”, “Cabelos Varridos”, “Planador”, “Tão Longe De Mim” are the highlights.

Fans of Caetano Veloso, Os Mutantes, Brazilian music in general and world psyche are going to love Liverpool. And if it doesn’t grab you at first, take my advice and really give it some time. The melodies and rhythms will work their way into your brain that hard drugs and you’ll find yourself hooked and craving a fix like, at least every other day, I just had mine dose and I’m good to go for another little while…. Awesome album….by.....Gordon B. Isnor.........

A band formed in IAPI's working-class neighborhood in Porto Alegre, Liverpool was formed by: Mimi Lessa (guitar), Fughetti Luz (singer), Pekos (bass), Marcos Lessa (guitar) and Edinho Espíndola (drums). They recorded this album because they were classified in the regional phase of the II University Festival of Popular Music, where they defended the music that would be the title of the album.

It is said that the group established a workman's regime for the rehearsals, while everyone woke up early to go to work in the factories and in the trade of the IAPI neighborhood, the boys were on their way to rehearsals. What gave an easily noticed result in the technical quality of the instrumentalists and in the compositions of Por Favor, Sucesso.

The band's debut album points to an unparalleled yet equally pluralistic awareness of its proposals, halfway between the tropics and the youthful pop naiveté. Without buying the most radical and avant-garde ideas from the tropicalist class and developing the influence of the Beatles and Rolling Stones present in the iê iê iê, the guys made one of the best records of our sixties rock. Irony, serious themes, psychedelia, romanticism, urgency, are some of the elements present in the poetics of songs.

The irony is present in the classified of the festival mentioned above: Please, Sucesso. The lively and fast-paced music plays metaphorically with the image of a hot kettle and success in the charts, while the character runs after someone he has lost. In the sequence we have another good dose of irony: can you deny that stuttering in the beginning of Mania is also a joke with the success My Generation of The Who?

The guitars of Mimi Lessa and the vocal of Fughetti, along with the swingada battery and need of Edinho Espíndola, are a show in the bossa-rock Cabelos Varridos. Making it clear how much the boys dominated with tranquility, different languages ​​and how much they managed to promote a delicious mixture. In the 13th Floor also appears the critic of customs and a reflection on the solitude regarding the melancholy.

Blue Haway and Você Gosta, demonstrate the unmistakable pop force of this album, songs that could appear quietly in the charts and pack innocent bailinhos. The two emulating the clear influences of the British invasion and the r & b respectively, sung in a sweet manner and with soft and sticky letters. Psychedelia hits the faces with full steam on the Lilies of the Field and Flying, poisoned, distorted guitars and crazy lyrics.

Further along comes another little rock star, Glider, with another show from Edinho Espíndola's drums, master of fast tempo changes and syncopated rhythms. The lyrics play with technological terms and with our feelings: "In high fidelity I see you, you have not heard my new Lp, stereo, I know that I am aerial, glider." Água Branca is the most nervous of the album, with a wonderful solo full of distortion, followed by the ultra psychedelic Digital Impressions. Peace and Love and So Far Away from Me close the album in high spirits, leaving that feeling of peace and fulfillment.

It is a shame that the album's beauty is so little known to the younger generation as it is an exemplary record of how it is possible to pop rock without superficiality, since Liverpool has been able to walk with tranquility and competence between the various languages ​​of rock of the time and Same time as our popular music, without necessarily linking itself to any specific movement. Unfortunately the band only recorded this LP and then managed to make the soundtrack and appear in the film Marcelo Zona Sul. With the end of Liverpool, they founded the also excellent Bixo da Seda, along with bassist Renato Ladeira (ex A Bubha), but This is already a conversation for another Basic Nightclub!.......................

Every time I search I discover how Brazilian music has produced and produced interesting works. One such breakthrough is the Liverpool band. Formed in the northern part of the city of Porto Alegre, it was a group that flirted with rythm'n blues, classic English rock, tropicália until Rolling Stones. It is considered as one of the psychedelic groups of Brazil.

The group was composed by Mimi Lessa (guitar), Fughetti Luz (vocals), Marcos Lessa (guitar base), Edinho Espíndola (drums) and Pekos (bass). The only album recorded in 1969 in Brazil, entitled "Por Favor Sucesso" ("Por Favor Sucesso"), is one of the great and forgotten records of Brazilian pop music considered by some to be close to the band's work. This album came from the classification that the group obtained in the regional phase of II University Festival of Popular Music, in which they defended the song that gave name to the disc, authored by Carlinhos Hartlieb.

The disc contains compositions with instruments above average and intelligent and expressive lyrics of the daily life of the youth of the time. The psychedelic style is visible in the songs Look at the lilies of the field, Fingerprints and Flying. What stands out in these songs is the guitar's touch, with distortion and elaborate harmonies, not so common in groups of the time. There is also the almost bossa-rock glider, the tropicalista Peace and love, the "folk rock" So far from me and the "Stonian boogie", What a pity, which show the diversity of the compositions signed by the group, mainly Hartlieb, with the help Of the pair Hermes Aquino and Lais Marques.

It is a pity that the guitarist Mimi Lessa, is little remembered, since many consider him one of the great guitarists of the national rock, in the same category of Lanny Gordin and Sérgio Dias. In the same way the singer and composer Fughetti Luz is a legendary figure of the gaucho rock, with his memoirs recorded in a book by journalist Gilmar Eitelvain.

After the group's demise, Mimi, Marcos, Edinho and Fughetti, along with Renato Ladeira (ex-A Bubha) formed the legendary band Bixo da Seda, recording an album in 1976. Later, they began to accompany artists such as As Frenética and Robertinho Of Recife, as well as individual works. Fughetti Luz has returned to the South, where he remains active after composing, producing and performing with bands such as Bandaliera, Anti Nuclear Guerrillas and Barata Oriental. Besides this album, they made the instrumental track of the movie "Marcelo Zona Sul"................

Previously reissued on LP + 7" version, now available on CD. Liverpool is one of Shadoks' favorite bands from Brazil, and their 1969 LP, Por Favor, Sucesso (Please Success) is a flower-power art-rock album that stands out next to other Brazilian psych/Tropicália albums of the era. Shadoks reissues their sole album, including 6 tracks from their ultra-rare 7" EP Marcelo Zona Sul, the soundtrack to a Brazilian movie from 1970. Liverpool were as good as Módulo 1000, with perhaps even better-composed songs influenced by the British Underground, with Hammond, effects, complex compositions, uplifting, soulful vocals, Allman Brothers-style wailing guitars, wah-wah -- sometimes sweet and mellow, sometimes extra-heavy psychedelic -- all with that unmistakable Brazilian touch. Perhaps one of the best albums from South America. All original tracks, 19 in total (including the 6 EP tracks)............

A1 Por Favor, Sucesso 3:48
A2 Que Mania 2:45
A3 Cabelos Varridos 2:30
A4 13º Andar 2:35
A5 Blue Haway 2:30
A6 Você Gosta? 2:52
B1 Olhai os Lirios do Campo 3:00
B2 Voando 2:05
B3 Planador 3:05
B4 Água Branca 1:50
B5 Impressões Digitais 2:30
B6 Paz e Amor 2:00
B7 Tão Longe de Mim 2:00 

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