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8 Mar 2017

Måns Mossa “Måns Mossa” 1979 Sweden Prog Rock

Måns Mossa “Måns Mossa” 1979 Sweden Prog Rock
Mans Mossa “I Shot The Sheriff"1979 

MÅNS MOSSA was a relatively unknown 70s group from the town of Skellefteå in Northern Sweden. In 1979 they recorded their eponymous album which was given a limited released 1000 copies. and is regarded today as a rarity by collectors. The group split in 1981 but reformed ten years later and since then they have played about every five years…………

Måns Mossa came from Skellefthamn in the north of Sweden. Most of the songs have a left-wing message, while the music varies from funk and reggae to mainstream rock. High-points on the album are the progressive instrumental "Autron” and a funny cover version of Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” with completely different Swedish-language lyrics.

Olav Markstedt (vocals, guitar)
Arne Leirnes (percussion, keyboards, vocals)
Fredrik Augustin (guitar)
Erik Johansson (bass, keyboards)
Bengt Holmkvist (drums)

A1 Äntligen En Ny Dag 4:00
A2 Vad Gäller I Morgon 4:45
A3 Håll I Hatten 4:20
A4 Jag Är Ditt Samvete 5:10
A5 Nåns Bossa 4:40
B1 Det Är Okey 4:09
B2 Där Blåser En Vind 4:38
B3 Jag Sköter Mig Ständigt (I Shut The Sheriff) 4:40
Autron 6:33
B4a Flödets Ironi
B4b Gävulens Näsa 

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