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17 Mar 2017

Martin Wall "Metaphysical Facelift" 1977 Canada Private Prog Psych

Martin Wall  "Metaphysical Facelift" 1977 Canada Private Prog Psych

Martin Wall released this self-produced progressive moog synth style LP originally in 1977 on his own label MW-1. Martin Wall provided the lead and backing vocals, piano, polymoog, mellotron, and Cat synthesizers. He was joined by Bill Gee on bass; Gary Scott on drums; Bert Garfield on Acoustic guitar; Richard Llewellyn Hawksby on bass; Bob Latzer on drums; Owen Thomas Smith on backing vocals. The album was recorded at J.B. Sound in Hamilton, Ontario and The Demo Studio, Toronto, Ontario. Mixing was done at Demo Studio in Toronto. The Engineers were A. Andre Vare and David Wall. The all-original material features a 15 minute epic track on side 2 - “Metaphysical Facelift”………………….

I picked up the Martin Wall LP “Metaphysical Facelift” during my trip home to Canada this past August at an outdoor flea market. This cheap homemade prog-pop is from Hamilton, Ontario (same hometown as Simply Saucer) and was released Martin Wall’s own label “MW”. The back cover shows a B&W photo of Martin seated amidst his wall-to-wall analog synthesizers- anyone could tell this one was gonna be good, but it’s not quite what I was expecting. This is the opening number- all of the songs are in this vein – short, poppy concise tunes (maybe a bit of Todd Rundgren influence in there?) with pretty vocals and a few unusual twists and turns, with the exception of the 15-plus minute synth-y raga on Side 2. In between some of the songs there are these nice, madrigal-inspired layered vocal interludes- like the one that starts this tune. Martin played keyboards for two underwhelming Canadian rock bands: Vehicle (same vintage as this LP) and the new wave-ish Instructions (circa ’80 – actually they’re not bad). …………..

Acoustic Guitar – Bert Garfield 
Backing Vocals – Owen Thomas Smith* 
Bass – Bill Gee (4), Richard Llewellyn Hawksby* 
Drums – Bob Latzer, Gary Scott (8) 
Producer – Martin Wall 
Vocals, Synthesizer, Piano, Mellotron – Martin Wall

A1 Chanson D'Ordinaire
A2 Ordinary Man
A3 Choral Prelude
A4 Dear Friend
A5 Golden Glow
A6 Time Will Tell
B1 Monk’s Access
B2 Metaphysical Facelift 

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