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25 Mar 2017

Neda, Miljenko i Dario “Balada o Hipijima” 1972 single 7" Yugoslavia Psych Acoustic Folk Rock

Neda, Miljenko i Dario “Balada o Hipijima” 1972 single 7" Yugoslavia Psych Acoustic Folk Rock

NEDA, MILJENKO I DARIO were an folk-rock trio from Rijeka, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) active in early 70s. This is their maxi single record from 1972…….

Neda, Miljenko and Dario name is remembered from the early ‘70s, but the foundations and vocal collaboration set in 60s. Doubting Thomases can easily reassure visitors series of events is sown 18 in the spring of 1969. When, for example. took to the stage Tita in April this year - then still a duo, simply named Ned and Miljenko - Ned Melissa and Miljenko Karabaić already behind had the title of winner of the previous two rounds and entertainment events.

Fortuna will once again smiling young couple when Rijeka composition Hurricanes receive an invitation to the Festival Zagreb '70, the band finds himself without a keyboardist. Design themes 'blonde hair’ at the festival rock evening is predicted and the sound of keyboards, and Dario at this place called Karabaić. Neda did not remain idle: got the opportunity to sing background vocals. Neither the fact that the topic called her name a long-haired blonde is not hindered … New impulse upswing duo once again had Ottavianijev signature. Darius, who was in the break between the two activities composition refreshments knew to look for it more attractive American folk three Peter, Paul & Mary, singing duo from Rijeka, he appeared as a phenomenon which ideally lies on his new musical interests.

Summer 1970 Neda and Miljenko enjoy the benefits of dual status. On MIK perform as a duo, while the formal part of the collective hurricane. Then still considered “a shortened version of” Hurricanes, Neda, Miljenko and Dario will debut as made acoustic trio to Postirski Frajla August 1970 Sung harmonious polyphony, song Tired steeples received the most votes of the audience, which brought the prize bronze satyr, also award jury the best performers. After being on the island launched a name that will be remembered, a trio by autumn strengthens the intensification of activities. A little more regular performing, also television and recordings.

Opatija Festival will host triplet October 1970 in execution threads guitar in my heart, and recording Brac performances will appear in a short time on two occasions on domestic television screens. November brings them to enter the studio of Radio Zagreb, where he recorded the song “Tired bell towers’, 'Twilight’ and 'Lopoc - flower women’.

Continued activity confirmed the detachment phenomena Ned, Miljenko and Darius on the domestic scene, profile almost unrivaled - made acoustic folk trio, tends polyphonic ballads and trapeze dress liberally covered in floral motifs, and audio and visual openly conjured an atmosphere of hippie culture - which will they bring to the table performing offers and calls on roaming charges on all sides.

With what the repertoire of Neda, Miljenko and Dario out front of the audience? It contained on twenty topics. In addition to its own copyright / co-author on the list have been found themes that were originally performed by Peter, Paul & Mary, Esther & Abi Ofarim, Donovan, Simon & Garfunkel, Middle of the Road, Mary Hopkins, Carpenters, Roberta Flack, Johnny Mitchell, Joan Baez.

Sound files trio received the received the additional tones appearing premiere of his discography releases, EPs with titles Ballad of hippies, Lopoc - flower women, small story about the world and Trio. EP in 1972 revealed a record company Suzy. Interestingly, the largest success Riječke folk-set, track 'Small from III. b ’, premiered at the Days of Yugoslav pop music in Opatija in 1973, organized as a place of electing representatives of the then state of the Eurovision Song Contest, has never experienced discography birth. This song did not stop at becoming a national hit, thanks to radio editors who are allowed into the Ether festival footage.

The intertwining of emotional and professional relationships under the label of NMD lasted until late summer 1973. This is the time of greatest popularity trio attained performance theme 'Small from III. b 'in Opatija Days of Yugoslav pop music, the three last festival performance. After the summer series of shows at ICICI, the name of the trio unexpectedly shortened the last name in the series, but the formation is once again received initially looking. Duo Neda and Miljenko will continue the musical journey throughout 1974 and 1975, performing with musicians associated. The Company has both summer dash against the notes Crikvenica, while Ned is not 1975 hit a button that said stop, and the guys continue to sail without it.

Before you will irrevocably come down from the scene, the duo Ned and Miljenko will once again pleasantly surprised by the local fans. The Opatija Jugovizija 1974 will perform his own compositions 'Love Dream’. The song will be released in the same year as the A side of the Jugoton singles, while the B side also found their own issue 'could have been better. …Walid Đekić
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Line Up
Dario Ottaviani,
Miljenko Karabaić,
Neda Karabaić

Balada O Hipijima 4:30
Trio 2:55
Lopoč - Cvijet Žena 2:47 

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