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17 Mar 2017

Noah “ Noah” 1970 Canada Psych Pop

Noah “ Noah” 1970 Canada Psych Pop

Noah were a Canadian group consisting of Paul Clapper (vocals,guitar),Barry “Buzz” Vandersel (vocals,bass),Marinus Vandertogt (guitar,vocals), Peter Vandertogt (drums, percussion,vocals),Ron Neilson (lead guitar),Al Manning (guitar). 
The band started originally playing local clubs around Trenton, Ontario in 1964-65 as Buzzy And The Belvederes.The band featured ‘Buzzy’ Vandersel’s(who was 14 at the time of the band’s inception),his older cousins Peter & Marinus Vandertogt and finally,lead singer Paul 
Clapper.The band was re-christened Tyme And A Half by Nimbus 9 Productions’ manager Al MacMillan during the recording of their first single “It’s Been A Long Time”.They would release the song and a second single in 1969.The group landed a deal with RCA-Victor through their Nimbus 9 producer Jack Richardson and with a final name change to NOAH,released their eponymous debut in 1970.Paul Clapper,unhappy with the direction the band was taking under the leadership of Al McMillan,left and was replaced by Ron Neilson as they toured the debut album.However,Neilson also left and Noah carried on as a three piece.Moving to ABC/Dunhill their 1972 album ‘Peaceman’s Farm’ was produced by Randy Bachman.Bachman also wrote the song “Sussex” for the record and played guitar on several tracks as did keyboardist Jim Morgan.The song “World Band” would later be covered by US group GRIFFIN.The album not only recieved great reviews in RPM,Cashbox and Billboard magazines,but increased their profile as one of the featured acts in the Canadian music industry’s summer Maple Music Junket.Noah began extensive touring in the USA to promote the album in the Spring of 1972 and Bachman toured with them.One stint included a live broadcast on radio station WCMF in Rochester,New York.Al Manning joined the group at this time as well.With the group on it’s way to big success,it was back into the studio for production of their third album ‘California Man’.During the recording of a re-working of Bachman’s “Sussex”,Vandersel took ill and was rushed to the hospital.Recording was completed in mid-1973 but shortly thereafter Vandersel was rushed to the cancer ward of Kingston General Hospital in Kingston,Ontario for examination which confirmed the growth of a malignant brain tumor.After two years of chemotherapy treatments(and a temporary remission) Vandersel succumbed to his illness in the fall of 1975 at the age of 23.The group disbanded following his death and the ‘California Man’ album remains unreleased to this day. 

(Canadian Pop Encyclopedia)…………..

Paul Clapper (lead vocals) 
Barry “Buzz” Vandersel (lead vocals, bass) 
Marinus Vandertogt (lead & rhythm guitar, vocals) 
Peter Vandertogt (drums, percussion, vocals) 
Ron Neilson (lead guitar; replaced Clapper) 
Al Manning (guitar; replaced Neilson)  

A1 Bury The Remains 3:11 
A2 Sleep Sleep 3:54 
A3 Try A Little Kindness 2:54 
A4 Angela 3:12 
A5 Summer Sun 3:51 
B1 Sunday Mass 3:21 
B2 (Suite For An) Antique Lady 4:07 
B3 One Way Street 2:50 
B4 Oscar’s Cellar 2:26 
B5 I Wish You Love 3:10

1969 It’s Been A Long Time/Magic Island (Nimbus 9) 9008 
1969 Cassandra/It’s Happening Here (Nimbus 9) 9011 

as NOAH 
1970 Summer Sun (RCA/Victor) 
1972 Peaceman’s Farm/Something’s In My Way (ABC/Dunhill) 45D-4308 

1970 Noah (RCA/Victor) LSP-4432 
1972 Peaceman’s Farm (ABC/Dunhill) DSX-50117 

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