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9 Mar 2017

Ofoedian Den “The Birds” 1970 US Private Hippie Psych Folk

Ofoedian Den “The Birds” 1970 US  mega rare Private Hippie Psych Folk
Super cool hippie musical take on Aristophanes - "the Birds" by Bay Area theatre rock ensemble Ofoedian Den. Neat soft psych and and occasional funky group tunes. A lot of fun. With some financial backing this troupe could have taken this show far... Rare private and original pressing on Rock Bottom records. Performed at the College of Marin, CA in May of 197? This LP is on Hans Pokora's list of record collector dreams. ....

 I would like to get a copy of this - was a member of Ofoedian Den, and perhaps the review of the show in the Independent Journal. It was a very colorful summer of love sort of original show based on the Aristophanes play, produced at College of Marin in 1970. We co-wrote many of the songs in a basement room at COM, than began rehearsals in the COM Theater with a rather large cast, all dressed as, well, birds. The best part of the show was called "Come and See the Birds Reborn" with Greg singing a soulful cross between a Delta Blues and Love-In as the feathererd cast galavanted into the hall from all entrances and down the corridors past a rather amazed and gawking audience. We recorded with the band and cast at The Church in San Anselmo in 8 tracks, I believe. Though together for more than three years, the band did not last another year after that. Pianist Greg Gavin passed away last year. He was a brilliant songwriter, vocalist and pianist. Other musicians included Kevin Meyer, guitar; Dana Africa, flute; Sarah Oppenheim, vocals; Pete Miller, drums and myself, Michael Mendelson on bass and trombone. Kevin Omi played french horn on the recording. Ofoedian Den appeared alot at the Lions Share in the late '60's and early 70's with such luminaries as Denny Zeitlin and Ramblin Jack Elliot, with occassional gigs at the Saloon in SF and Tuesday night at the

 The Birds (Rock Bottom) 1970 Ultra Rare Original of legendary Bay Area mystery LP. This was recorded 5 minutes from my house and is the only copy I ever came across. Tiny press and all copies sold at the original play back in 1970. For a description I will refer to the excellent Acid Archives book : "Although sightings are few and far between, this odd West Coast bird has acquired a minor underground reputation over time. It is music from a College Of Marin stage production of an ancient play by Aristophanes, which theme the students saw as a fitting protest against the Vietnam War. Jazzy hippie folkrock with clean electric guitar soloing, stagey solo and ensemble singing, ambitious compositions with shifting meters and moods, and lots of piano and flute. The production value is clearly above average, with a tight, well-rehearsed band and chorus. The songs and interludes are snappy and constantly moving, and The Birds may in fact work for some prog rock fans. Its main fan base is likely to be West Coast private press hounds though, with additional allure via the Bay Area connection and (to some extent) Bay Area sound.......................

A1. Yes We Confess
A2. You Like Man Like Us
A3. Itys / Bird of a Fellow Feather
A4. O Treachery O Treason O
A5. They Come to Us Through Love
A6. Man by Nature Is a Liar
A7. You've Been Downgraded / Hail, Pisthetairos
A8. Birds Won't Want Any Shrink / Make a Pulp a Zeus
B1. Chaos and Love
B2. The Birds Agree
B3. Anthem / Praise Ye the Birds
B4. Spring in Joy
B5. Space
B6. Swamp of Dismal Dread
B7. Peace

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