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17 Mar 2017

Savanna "Collected Madness" 1973 mega rare UK Private Acid Folk

Savanna  "Collected Madness" 1973 mega rare UK Private Acid Folk
GIGA rare DEROY LP! Private press folk psych LP, and with really rare booklet!!! And handmade sleeve, with signatures of each members on back sleeve! 
Even no sleeve no booklet copy was EURO 1900 in Euro. ............

Mega rare, tripped out Underground acid-folk recorded in 1973 and pressed up in tiny quantity by legendary custom pressing plant Deroy Sound Service. We rate this so highly musically that it must be in the top three UK acid-folk private pressings. The band combined spellbinding 12 string guitars, harpsichord and occasional bass to outstanding effect on an album brimming with original songs that display creative charm amid gusts of melancholia. Extended tracks with thought provoking vocals. Similar territory to Red Television, Ferris Wheel and Midwinter only more accomplished from start to finish. A minor classic............

On CD, this is an impossibly rare private press psych-folk LP, originally released in 1973 thru the Deroy custom pressing plant. The band combined spellbinding 12-string guitars, harpsichord and occasional bass to outstanding effect on an album brimming with original songs that displays creative charm amid gusts of melancholia. You ghet extended tracks with thought provoking vocals, more or less similar to Red Television and Ferris Wheel, only more accomplished from start to finish. A minor classic!..............

The only album of the English Savanna is an occasion to reflect on the phenomenon of private-pressings. All of these vinyl piece editions with a circulation of 25 copies are genuine flour for collectors. It is clear that things of this kind were not made for commercial reasons, but solely for the sake of love of art. However, this is the paradox: today the prices for such rarities have reached astronomical figures. Take, for example, our heroes. The record "Collected Madness" was recorded in a private studio Deroy (Carnforth, Lancashire), established in the fifties of the last century by Derrick March. And not all manufactured products were stamped with the DEROY Sound Service brand; Sometimes as the main label there appeared completely different names. But that's not the point. Original savanna Savanna with autographs of participants on the back of the envelope is now offered for 2,256 euros. Probably, hunters for antiques from among the money-bags can afford the appropriate expenditure. A private music lover ... he would have to bite his elbows with vexation, if not for the work of enthusiasts like the company Audio Archives. Thanks to them, few people heard and in the seventies obscure teams become the object of worship after forty years. Savanna's name is from the same cohort.
The soul of the collective was composer Ches Kip - a staunch lover of folklore. Songs, as befits a songwriter, he preferred to compose in a lyrical manner. All the members of Savanna were engaged in bringing Ches's pastoral creations to the mind: the admirer of George Harrison and the follower of Hindu Charlie Ruby (later Canadian citizen), the guitar master Rob Armstrong, whose clients include many celebrities (I would mention even Gordon Giltrep), and the country style admirer Graham Wilkinson. The working arsenal of the guys included a harpsichord, bass, 12-string and electric guitars. Starting from the basic pastoral motifs, acoustic uniques were not afraid of episodic synchronous walking through psychedelic swell. And the result of their excursions deserves attention.
In the foundation of almost every track of the program - a chord gig, framed by keyboard, bass and string ornaments in the performance of Ruby. Technicality here, of course, and does not smell. Not being professionals, Savanna was bribed by others: a soulful ballad pitch ("Running the Race", "The Old Story", "I'll Come to You"), an indirect reference to baroque folk ("Dance of the Clockwork Clown" Stream "), the ability to clearly recount dramatic stories (" The Other Way ") and quiet dumb stories on the brink of sleep and java (" Peaceful Time "). In carefully balanced works of the "All I Need" kind, unplugged-ears of Roger Waters of the period "Atom Heart Mother" appear. Yes, and in measured instrumental acidic canvases ("Goodnight") one does not feel fictitious; Maximum sincerity in the absence of posturing ...
I sum up: a good art-folk act designed for a thoughtful, romantic audience. Music of rain and fog...........

1 Running The Race
2 Dane Of The Clockwork Clown
3 Last Awakening / Aftermath
4 The Other Way
5 Stream
6 The Old Story
7 Peacevul Time
8 I'll Come To You
9 All I Nedd
10 The Ballad Of Quiet Wally
11 Goodnight

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