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17 Mar 2017

Sebastian "Rays Of The Sun"1969 Canada Psych Folk Pop Rock

Sebastian  "Rays Of The Sun"1969 Canada Psych Folk Pop Rock
Deep folkish psych rarity by Ontario Quebec born Sebastian with lavish arrangements by Roger Gravel are like Darius meets Scott Walker. Great songs, long and short, and with superb vocal melodies with acid leads, sitar, and ’67 “Peppery” feel on some tracks. “Soaring psychedelic pop from the late 60s Canadian scene — pretty grandly arranged with bursts of brass, and strings, lavish vibes all around that really going all out with what sounds harpsichord, sitar and more, but with a gritty underbelly and a chiming groove. It’s a strange mix of sounds, with big catchy choruses and poppier aspects, and also more baroque touches. We’re not sure if Sebastian was reaching for The Animals, or Scott Walker, or both, but we’re digging the disjointed effects!” (Dusty Groove)……
An obscure and hidden singer / songwriter from Ontario, or maybe the leader of an equally hidden and obscure band who signed a solo contract with the well-known label MCA Records to release this one’s only album. His own composition of the song as a whole is a by-product of the once obscure countryman-publisher of country music (Ron Van Dykhof), with orchestral (through wind and string instruments) arrangements, which sinned another fellow countryman Roger Gravel. There are two long tracks: “Passages” and “Rays Of The Sun”, produced by Sebastian himself, with real rock support (guitar, bass, drums and pianoforte) of his invited friends (or is it really his real escort team ?! ). The first tracks on the record are slow and melodic, and then getting faster at the pace, but the second side is still the middle tempo. The general mood is psychedelic with piano breaks and excellent guitar moves. By the way, the arranger of all the tracks was Roger Gravel, a keyboard player who worked in electronics, jazz, funk, soul and disco, but this rare album was re-released only in December 2009 and only on vinyl limited to 500 copies.. 
A1 Back In Love Again 2:37 
A2 Love Time 2:04 
A3 Elaine 2:26 
A4 Passages 5:09 
A5 Smile A Little 2:48 
A6 Be What You Are 3:37 
B1 Jubilation 2:17 
B2 Through With Our Love 3:12 
B3 Rays Of The Sun 8:49 
B4 Now That It’s Over 3:16 

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