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15 Mar 2017

Shalom Riot “Wie Mit Rauschen Das Meer” 1984 Germany Private Xian Prog.

Shalom Riot “Wie Mit Rauschen Das Meer” 1984 Germany Private Xian Prog..recommended..!

Xian prog rock with fantastic hammond organ, great fuzz guitar and male and female vocals in the early 70’s style similar to Pilz/Ohr l….. 

Shalom Riot are from the early 80s German Christian folk rock / progressive movement similar to Eden, Credemus, Yavanna, et al. For the few minutes where the instruments are allowed to shine, the music is quite pleasant, though hardly extraordinary. Otherwise it’s youth group campfire singalongs. In German. This is a long way from classic Krautrock I’m afraid to say…by…ashratom ……… 
One of the best (if not THE best!!) German XIAN progrock LP!! 
Excellent early 70s style progressive krautrock with fantastic hammond organ, superb fuzz guitar and strong male and female vocals. The LP is a rarity from 1984, but it has the atmosphere and lots of elements of green brain, pilz or ohr releases of that (wonderful) time. 
Strongly RECOMMENDED, even early 70s secular progressive rock collectors!!!…by….donnersoehne ………. 

Acoustic Guitar, Trumpet, Backing Vocals – Holger Tielbürger 
Bass, Backing Vocals – Andreas Gronemeier 
Drums – Jörg Gronemeier 
Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals – Michael Stöhr 
Lead Vocals – Kathrin Steinle 
Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals – Helge Seekamp 

A1 Singt Einen Lobgesang 5:08 
A2 Erste Liebe 7:29 
A3 Wie Ein Adler 4:17 
A4 Mein Herr, Der Gott, Der Sich Herrlich Erweist 6:41 
B1 Wie Mit Rauschen Das Meer 6:10 
B2 Darum Fürchtet Euch Nicht 4:44 
B3 Wir Sehen Seine Herrlichkeit 4:48 
B4 Träume 4:37 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..