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13 Mar 2017

Sundays & Cybele “Chaos & Systems” 2017 Japan Psych Rock

Sundays & Cybele “Chaos & Systems” 2017  Japan Psych Rock
Special edition limited to 225 copies on black and gold a-side/b-side color vinyl.

Japan's current psychedelic scene honors its roots – from the motorcycle guitar-rock of Les Rallizes Dénudés and High Rise to the still-running and unpinnable Acid Mothers Temple – but also puts a premium on meditative transcendence. Some of the best bands right now are being documented by the Tokyo-based label Guruguru Brain, run by members of Kikagaku Moyo (which translates, appropriately, as "geometric patterns"), who are acting like a modern-day equivalent to P.S.F., a vital record label that spanned three decades of Japanese experimental music. Guruguru's goal is to expose Asia's psych scene to the world, and one of its most prettily prismatic offerings was 2015's Gypsy House by Sundays & Cybele.

Now signed stateside to the Brooklyn-based Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Sundays & Cybele returns just two years later with Chaos & Systems, a record that flowers with hazy melody one minute and scorches the sky in the next. The opening title track is somewhat atypical in that finds a tranquil mode and leans into its kaleidoscopic trance, and doesn't explode into a mess of feedback. It layers kalimba with synths until the band hits a motorik groove.
Guitarist and vocalist Kazuo Tsubouchi tells NPR in an email that the track "was made when I was toying around with a kalimba. I often play kalimba to relax. It was inspired by gamelan, but all the sounds were played on only one kalimba. As for the lyrics, it is like the rice-planter's song. Ancient people planted rice while singing. It's a prayer for fertility and Cybele is the goddess of fertility and destruction... Chaos & Systems."....LARS GOTRICH ................

Sundays & Cybele are a Japanese psychedelic rock collective whose only constant member since their 2004 inception has been founder Kazuo Tsubouchi. The group plays a swirling, colorful, ecstatic form of psych that is influenced by Krautrock, dub, and Donovan-style folk-rock. It's heavy, but not in the overwhelmingly intense way of cosmic freakout bands such as Acid Mothers Temple. Distorted guitars are a significant part of the group's sound, but they're merely one element, and they don't drown everything else out. The album's title track begins with thumb pianos and synth arpeggios, bubbling up with blurry, echo-covered vocals and a submerged but busy rhythm. This launches into the sprawling "Butterfly's Dream," which features energetic, splashy drums and Santana-esque guitar soloing. The band then dips into the more hippie folk end of the psych pool, and the funky, bouncy "Brujo" plays around with echo trickery. The album ends with an even more epic space jam called "Paradise Come." While the group's sound is generally sunny and optimistic, occasionally some melancholy peeks through, and here they sound just as lonely as they do enthralled and in love with the world...............

A1 Chaos And Systems 3:21
A2 Butterfly's Dream 9:14
A3 Tell Me The Name Of That Flower 6:29
B1 Brujo 4:03
B2 Paradise Come 13:43

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