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14 Mar 2017

Syncrisis “Reflections in Musical Power” 1981 Germany Private Prog Jazz Rock Fusion

Syncrisis “Reflections in Musical Power” 1981 Germany Private Prog Jazz Rock Fusion

Short-lived German Jazz-Rock act with a light proggy flavor.Syncrisis were located somewhere in South Germany and led by drummer Uwe Holzwarth, guitarist Titus Köstler, bassist Peter Frodi and keyboardist Edgar Müller.Their first album ''Reflections in Musical Power'' was recorded at the so called Syncrisis-Studios (reputedly Holzwarth's basement) and released in 1981 as a private press. 
The album is a very cool mix of fiery Prog/Fusion with tropical Jazz-Rock, always presented with a very positive and pleasant aura.The musicianship is all instrumental, including some superb guitar work by Köstler, somewhere between the styles of SANTANA and MARIO MILLO, filled with nice grooves and breezy solos.Edgar Müller, the man behind the keyboards, does a great job too.His electric piano lines have a strong CHICK COREA flavor, what are even more incredible are his breaking moog synths flights, which are really inspired.The rhythm section is quite strong as well and the album is characterized by the great number of interesting melodies, jazzy interplays and professional solos. 

While not adding anything new to the endless list of Jazz/Fusion acts worldwide, Syncrisis' ''Reflections in Musical Power'' is an album full of nice surprises ans well-executed material, I think it definitely worths its money if a copy reaches your hands.Strongly recommended...............

Syncrisis were led by guitarist Titus Köstler-Philipp, and his superior technical playing on "Sunny Crisis" is featured throughout. Similar to other German fusion bands at this time like Lindwurm, but with more emphasis on the smoking guitar. I also hear some of the same type of sounds as on the Red album (1983 UK - also featured on these pages), which may be the first time I've ever said that. With the technical, and fast, playing on the guitar, one can't help but to compare "Sunny Crisis" to Al Di Meola's best work like "Elegant Gypsy" or "Casino". The debut "Reflections in Musical Power" isn't quite as successful. Here Syncrisis trades in on some jazz fusion cliches like swapping guitar/keys solos, breezy tropical themes and the requisite tedious drum solo. Would be nice to see both of these on the same CD. Köstler-Philipp is still playing today and his latest group is called Dokapi...............

"Here's the extremely rare debut album from this excellent band, who kind of epitomized the huge German jazz-rock wave of the time. Released as a limited private pressing, this is very much a "home made" LP, from the simple cover design right down to where it was recorded, "Syncrisis-Studio", which was presumably located in drummer Uwe Holzwarth's basement or something. In fact, attentive listeners will note that "Bata Mata Moone Taboo" is actually an early version of "Don't Cry! Shout!" from "Sunny Crisis", which gives one the impression that even back then they realized hardly anyone had heard this album. That's too bad, because it's a highly entertaining effort in its own right." Fusionaut..........

Line-up / Musicians

- Titus Köstler / guitar
- Peter Frodl / bass
- Uwe Holzwarth / drums
- Edgar Müller / electric piano, mini Moog synthesizer

A1 Just A Happy Time 3:47
A2 Kamala 2:51
A3 Reflections 7:40
A3.1 Wait A Minute- A Drum Solo
A3.2 Katharsis
A4 Daydreams 4:48
B1 Bata Mata Moone Taboo 4:47
B2 Mata Dalam, For The Inside Looking Man 4:53
B3 One Hope 5:09
B4 Sweet Nights 3:53

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