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14 Mar 2017

Syrinx “Meteora” 1980 Germany Electronic Kraut Rock

Syrinx “Meteora” 1980 Germany Electronic Kraut Rock

SYRINX was a keyboard project of the Oberhausen keyboardist Peter Marzinkowski, which he pursued in a duo with Andreas Hilburg between 1977 and 1980, later on, and changed later. 
After the Prosper decommissioning and with the changed first name Maximilian appeared 1980 the only SYRINX album “Meteora”. 
Peter Marzinkowski also worked with Heinz Martin on the debut LP of the band Profil (here performed as P. Marcinowski). Then he disappeared from the music scene…………………

The next vinyl Germans with a single plate. Although this work of the whole group, it seems that we have another synthesizer-soloist from Essen, because various synthesizers and sequencers here occupy the central place. All keyboards were run by Pole Maximillian Marzinkowski, and he was assisted by a bass player, percussionist and violinist. The electronics here are not vague and abstract in the spirit of the Berlin school, but rather persistent and in a good sense intrusive - a constant elastic drumbeat and fast things in the spirit of Frenchmen like OSE or Zadri & Mo, and the imperishable Jean Michel Jarre. The best moments on the album are unexpected appearances of classical violin from the oppressive layers of synthesizers on four compositions (in the Pantokrator, Meteora, Tanz der Wellenreiter and Ekieh, almost Pell Mell sounds), this brings in the necessary diversity and inventory in the general outline, But they, unfortunately, are rare and quickly come to an end……………

Hoffmann, Harald (1) (drums) 
Kolmetz, Valerie (1) (percussion) 
Manig, Ferdi (1) (violin) 
Marzinkowski, Maximillian (1) (piano, 

A1 Syringendrom 4:30 
A2 Metamorphosis 2:51 
A3 Steingarten 5:25 
A4 Pantokrator 3:38 
A5 Natroon 4:38 
B1 Meteora 3:12 
B2 Mitropolis 4:25 
B3 Pinios 3:55 
B4 Tanz Der Wellenreiter 5:05 
B5 Ekieh 1:15 

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