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6 Mar 2017

The Electric Junkyard ‎“The Electric Junkyard” 1969 US Experimental Psych Pop Rock

The Electric Junkyard ‎ “The Electric Junkyard” 1969 US Experimental Psych Pop Rock
The Electric Junkyard shows up occasionally in Moog sections but is not an electronic album. Instead, electrified horns and recording techniques (“nine months alone were spent experimenting”) are supposed to justify the name and concept. But the result is an album of fun but standard blues-based dirges, items a Lalo Schifrin or Les Baxter might have written for the juke-box scene in a biker movie. There are interesting touches, such as female laughter; arranger Frank Hunter had arranged abstract female vocals in an exotica album a decade earlier (as had Les Baxter). Fans of progressive 1960s rock looking for new kicks could do much worse, but it would be no surprise to learn that The Electric Junkyard sold in the dozens… Tony Wilds………

Instrumental, horn-driven exploitation pop that doesn’t seem to know which decade it’s from, spending most of its time as late 50s/early 60s sax-rock with occasional “no, this’d have to be from at least 1968” touches, none of which help the tracks. The Aquarius cover IS fairly good, but you’d have to be the sorta guy who’d want to hear another fucking version of Aquarius, and I’m not that sorta guy.

One of those bizarrely regressive exploitation albums. That being said, I love that album cover to pieces. Looks like Gary Oldman waking up after a hard night of cruising………by….thrasher2809 …………..

A1 Aquarius (From The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical “Hair”) 3:07
A2 Smoke Coming Out Of Your Ears 2:43
A3 Manchester England (From The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical “Hair”) 2:34
A4 Annie’s Place 2:17
A5 The Joint 4:24
B1 Freeway 2:06
B2 L. David Sloane 2:33
B3 Garbage Can Ballet (From The Otto Preminger Film “Skidoo”) 2:08
B4 Roundtrip 1:55
B5 Ten Little Indians 2:13
B6 Bony Moronie 2:30 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..