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28 Mar 2017

The Fire Boys "Música para a Jovem Guarda" 1966 -1967? Brazil surf Rock n` Roll

The Fire Boys "Música para a Jovem Guarda" 1966 -1967?  rare  Brazil surf Rock n` Roll

"Music for the Young Guard", recorded by the group The Fire Boys on the SBA label in a year not informed. Everything indicates that it is of 1966, considering the repertoire, formed by successes of 1965/1966. I believe this is another record recorded by the Fevers under a pseudonym. The distrust increases when one hears the rereading of "Parei ... I looked", a track in which it is easy to recognize the voice of Almir Bezerra, vocalist of the group and one of the authors of the track "When the sun wakes up". I took the liberty to re-present the LP, giving due credit, and providing the same link for download. I'm sure that the disc will soon be disseminated on social networks, blogs and videos on YouTube, as if it were from the collection itself, and without citing the deserved source. ............
As a curiosity, this LP, from 1966, was released in 3 editions. In two of them, with this cover, but in different colors, one in stereo and the other monophonic. In the 3rd. The group is nominated as "The Invisibles", the cover is totally different and carries the title of "Na Onda ... (Modern Dances)", released by the Festival label, also in the monophonic system. Some of these tracks also came out in collections of other stamps always with new group names; For example, "The Barbarians" (Exitos label). Undoubtedly, it is The Fevers under a pseudonym, since they were under contract with another record company. Hugs.......

01 - A Casa D'irene
(Francesco Maresca - Francesco Pagano)
02 - Emoção
(Roberto Carlos - Erasmo Carlos)
03 - Taboo
(Margarita Lecuona)
04 - Parei... Olhei
(Rossini Pinto)
05 - Wooly Bully
(Domingo Samudio)
06 - Letkiss Jenka
(Rauno Lehtinen)
07 - Alguém Na Multidão
(Rossini Pinto)
08 - Ai De Mim (All Of Me)
(Seymour Simons - Gerald Marks - Vrs. Neusa de Souza)
09 - Quando o Sol Despertar
(Almir Bezerra - Pedrinho da Luz)
10 - Help
(John Lennon - Paul McCartney)
11 - Shame And Scandal In The Family
(Huon Donaldson - Slim Henry Brown)
12 - Festa De Arromba
(Roberto Carlos - Erasmo Carlos) 

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