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22 Mar 2017

The Maiyeros, The Instincts “The Loving Sandwich” 1967 US Private Garage Psych

The Maiyeros, The Instincts “The Loving Sandwich” 1967 US ultra rare Private Garage Psych

It is difficult to conceive of two artists more incompatable with each other’s style as those included on this split release. They probably colaborated on the expense, as it is a private issue, and most likely put out by the artists themselves, although not necessarily. The Maiyeros were a southern New England outfit of singers, whose contribution to this takes up all of side 1, and consists entirely of glee club style crap. The Instincts, on the other hand, appear to have been from the NYC, tri-state area, and perform somewhat typical, garage style covers of well known hits, with some use of fuzz guitar. Because of the Jekyll/Hyde nature of this album, garage collectors pretty much consider it a one-sided album, and all but ignore the other artist it contains. So don’t be surprised to find this listed and credited to only The Instincts (as it is here on RYM as of this writing)….by…tymeshifter ………

A1 –The Maiyeros Ain’t-a That Good News
A2 –The Maiyeros Liza Jane
A3 –The Maiyeros Jamaica Farewell
A4 –The Maiyeros Little Lamb
A5 –The Maiyeros I’m Troubled
A6 –The Maiyeros Everyday
A7 –The Maiyeros Poor Ol’ Lazarus
A8 –The Maiyeros There Is Nothing Like A Dame
A9 –The Maiyeros Medley
A10 –The Maiyeros “Frank” Speaks Out
A11 –The Maiyeros Ride The Chariot
A12 –The Maiyeros Much Obliged To You
B1 –The Instincts Stop In The Name Of Love
B2 –The Instincts Hold On, I’m Coming
B3 –The Instincts Love Is A Beautiful Thing
B4 –The Instincts No No No
B5 –The Instincts Gimme Some Lovin’
B6 –The Instincts Don’t Look Back 

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