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17 Mar 2017

Thistletown "Rosemarie" 2008 UK Psych Folk

Thistletown  "Rosemarie" 2008 UK Psych Folk

'Rosemarie' by Thistletown weaves a genuinely beguiling spell on the listener. Using a wide array of instruments, from lutes and harmoniums to flute and trumpet, they conjure some haunting soundscapes on 'Glow Worm' and 'Labyrinth', to some beautiful melodies like 'Oak and Ash' and 'Dance With The Sea'. Its all led by a really lovely pair of female vocals, who catch the vibe of bands like Mellow Candle perfectly. Their authentic vibe is helped by the fact they all appear to be commune style hippies who live on the cornish coast, and a sympathetic production from Circulus main man Michael Tyack. Its a shame they didnt follow this up with a second album, because its a real gem, and worth checking out for any fan of psychedelic or prog

Thistletown's Rosemarie is an outstanding recording. Produced by Michael Tyack of Circulus and Princes in the Tower and released by Will Hodgkinson's one-off Big Bertha label, the recording captures the bucolic psychedelic feel of bands like Heron and Trees with a touch of the music of Brittany and the Cornish coast where the music was created. The sound features the vocals of Lydia Tweddell and Tifany Bryant, the intricate and lovely guitar work of Ben Tweddell, and the vast palettes of instrumentation wielded by Andrew Jarvis and producer Tyack. Favorite cuts are the title track, "Labyrinth," and a cover of Lavender Diamond's "The Sun is Coming Up." Highly

I I take my job as a part-timing reviewer quite seriously. On receipt of this debut by Cornwall’s pre-Raphaelite folk fantasists (according to press release), I took myself off to Sherwood Forest for a proper listen. I first saw* Thistletown *on a Dutch barge on the Thames some months ago and was taken with their medieval flute and trumpet-driven grooves. 

This five-piece live aboard a boat, grow their own vegetables, and make some of the folkiest, hippiest music your ears ever did hear. The band formed in 2007 after singers Tiffany and Lydia bonded over a shared love of nature and ‘70s maxi dresses. With their love of folk–rock acts like Pentangle, Heron, and Trees, you should, by now, have an idea of what Thistletown are all about. 

But wait, it’s not at all bad. Multi-instrumentalist Jarvis, who plays accordion, trumpet glockenspiel and drums, delivers some deep New York soul that DJ Shadow would lose a limb to sample. The positively funky ‘Rosemarie’ and ‘Dance with the Sea’ along with the horn licks littered on ‘Glowworm’ expose a side of the Thistles that they could (and, indeed, should) further embrace. 

Though the duel vocals are pretty, they can suffer from lyrical depth. On ‘Under the Trees’_ the singers proclaim:_ “We will dance under the tree, where I shall give my love to thee”_. The line comes off sounding distinctly like medieval pixie-love, which has no place in any serious music lover’s catalogue. 

Rejecting and reforming art is a tricky business; it mightn’t make you particularly popular amongst peers but, done right, can be revolutionary. But do Thistletown want revolution? Perhaps, by rejecting the trappings of the modern age (or just the music of the age), they simply prefer to look far back to an England that once was. 

This quixotic notion that drives the album, though musically adventurous, will isolate much of the album-buying public. But then, it’s not a popularity contest, is it? Asheq January ........

Big Bertha Records are proud to release the debut album by Thistletown, a Cornish five-piece who live on a boat, grow their own vegetables, and make some of the most elegantly romantic music you have ever heard. The band formed a little over a year ago after Tiffany and Lydia bonded over a shared love of nature, 70s maxi dresses and folk-rock acts like Pentangle, Heron and the Trees. Lydia's boyfriend Ben had been busy developing a unique acoustic guitar style while Tiffany's multi-instrumentalist boyfriend Jarvis had been playing accordion, trumpet and glockenspiel in folk clubs along the Cornish coast.......

Excellent vibe, reminiscent of 70's folk bands like Spriguns, C.O.B, Forest etc. Musically, its all acoustic, with some nice trumpet that reminds me of Marc Brierlys 'Welcome to the Citadel'. Twin Female vocals in the same vein as 'Trees' etc....a strong rural, esoteric atmosphere..........

well being a big fan of the String Band, Shirley and Dolly Collins, Steeleye Span etc etc i've often been tempted by newer folky acts. And you know what? they're all shit. I'm not talking about your modern "traditionalists", but your modern psych-folks. Yep theyre all shit. Apart from Espers, whom i actually quite like. And surprise surprise this actually sounds like Espers. An English Espers. Only a bit less po-faced. I've never met Espers, but just by listening to their music you get the impression they take themselves far too seriously. No such problems here.
So here you get eight songs of acoustic folk, with the twee twin female vocals and yes it sounds like a direct descendent of the string band, pentangle, steeleye span etc etc. And in my book there's abso-blooming-lutely nothing wrong with that!
The vocals are more dreamy than powerful, so in that sense the band cant really compare to Jacqui McShee or Maddy Prior and its really only a problem with the song Labyrinth which is a little more upbeat, and even a bit more jazzy - to me the song falls a little flat because its a just a bit....drippy. Elsewhere though, the songs are much more laid back and dreamy, and its at that type of thing this band really excels. A criticism could be that the songs dont go anywhere, they just kinda drift by. But i have no problem with that, except it does mean that in the context of the album the aforementioned Labyrinth sounds a little out of place.
Anyway, for me, this is a great .......

Line-up / Musicians
- Andrew Jarvia / accordion, bass, drums, glockenspiel, harmonium, melodica, percussion, trumpet
- Al Davies / bass (5)
- Ben Tweddell / acoustic guitar
- Benet Walsh / mandolin, violin, bass, clarinet, guitar
- Michael Tyack / saz, lute, electric guitar, cittern, chanting (3)
- Matthew Bennett / percussion
- Tiffany Bryant / vocals, flute, hand percussion
- Lydia Tweddell / vocals, hand percussion

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Rosemarie (4:31)
2. Glow Worm (6:30)
3. Under the Trees (4:10)
4. Dance with the Sea (5:24)
5. Labyrinth (3:47)
6. Oak and Ash (5:10)
7. Moon is a Pearl (5:18)
8. The Sun is Coming Up (3:20)

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