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25 Mar 2017

Tink Tank “Tink Tank” 1972 Dutch Prog Pop Rock

Tink Tank “Tink Tank” 1972 Dutch Prog Pop Rock

Group Think Tank was organized in 1972 by Jacques Zwart, until 1967 lead vocalist Het, and later bass guitarist Penny Wise and Bled. Zwart attracted to work together pretty good musicians - guitarist Van de Krift collaborated with Blue Planet, Jansen was a member JayJays, de Graaf and drumming in Bled. In the same 72-year Think Tank released on the label Pink Elephant album containing compositions in which the palpable influence Todd Rundgrenda and Steely Dan. However, both the album and the accompanying single Together / Hold my hand, and indeed the next two singles were not a commercial success. In early 1973, Zwart dismissed the Think Tank group and moved to Amsterdam as a producer, bassist and vocalist………………

Hans Jansen (keyboards)
Jacques Zwart (bass, vocals)
Rob de Graaf (drums)
Aad van de Kreeft (guitar)

Together 3:17
A Man Is A Fool 2:44
Rolling On The Railroad 2:52
My Love 3:40
Keep On Changing 3:20
Hold My Hand 3:10
Pictures Of Youth 4:11
She´s My Friend 3:50
Don´t Say Goodbye 3:15
The Door That Stand For Life 3:40
What´s Life 4:11
For Our Friends 1:21 

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