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6 Mar 2017

Tomoaki Kamijo “Tomo second album” 1973 Second No Label Japan Private Psych Folk Rock


Tomoaki Kamijo “Tomo second album” 1973 Second Extremly rare Album No Label Japan Private Psych Folk Rock
The second release of Tomoaki Kamijou appeared two years after their debut, and Martha, by contrast, has not won re-release. Although he, too bad. On the whole style has changed little: it’s still a psych with acoustic guitars, but the mood of this album is somewhat different. It is more melancholic, more full of sadness and loneliness, and even the relatively dynamic untitled track, sung in Japanese, also gives the impression of a sweet sorrow. The group has changed - perhaps it also affected the sound, for example, there is clearly jazz tone in light placers piano chords, meets electro, and sometimes plays guitar in an unusual manner, the former disc. In place of the captivating multi-voiced come discreet single vocal. Minus this album alone, but rather significant: the problems with the new material. Here, first, remakes of two songs from their debut album (Home and Set Me Free, and the second - even in two versions) - albeit in the other treatments, and secondly, a great song Look Up The Sky, too, for some reason, written twice - 7 minute (it exceptionally good) and 3-minute embodiments. But in spite of this, I would not avoid the album……..
This is one of three albums by song writer/producer Tomoaki Kamijo. Beautiful pop psych LP sung mostly in English. In the liner notes he thanks John Lennon and Carole Kiing which is about right. A really beautiful sounding LP and one which you will hardly ever see (unless it gets reissued!).
This particular LP is #68 of 100 (very rare). The cover is stunning: each image has been cut from black and white photographs and hand-pasted. The packaging opens like a pocketknife, a rivet in the lower right corner forms the hinge about which the black inner cover swings out from the white outer cover. Song lyrics are printed in white type on the inner cover. Slight wear on outer cover spine and rust-colored flecks dot the outer cover front and back.
A perfect Pokora or Shaddocks type record!……
Kamijo (guitars, vocals), Shimpei Matsueda (chorus), Yoichi Kondo (guitar, chorus, electon), Hiroshi Ogawa (bass), Yansunori Itagaki (drums, percussions), kunitoshi Yahata (piano)
Side 1
A Letter To You
Look Up The Sky
Non Title
Side 2
Lacy Man
Everybody’s OK (Look Up The Sky)
Set Me Free

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