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5 Mar 2017

Toure Kunda “Natalia” 1985 Africa,World.Jazz,Funk,Afro

Toure Kunda “Natalia” 1985 Africa,World.Jazz,Funk,Afro
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Unqiue mix of afro, roots and rock-steady vibes on this Toure Kunda classic from '85. Check Santhiaba Silo for an idea of the musical direction that is a little different to their earlier albums................

in quitar by Nicky Skopelitis .....

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Though they had recorded a couple of albums for Celluloid prior to this one, Natalia was the first Touré Kunda release actually produced by Bill Laswell. This has its plus and minus aspects, though the minuses are fairly small. Fans who preferred this wonderful Senegalese band at their least-Westernized might be put off by the increased production values that do, certainly, smooth out some of their attractive rougher edges and give the proceedings more of a rockish veneer. There's a little something lost from the atmosphere of Casamance au Clair de Lune, for example. On the other hand, when they weren't striving for a more authentic indigenous sound, Touré Kunda was quite capable of spreading the kitsch on rather thickly and Laswell perhaps reined in that tendency, partly by utilizing the talents of several from his regular stable, including Bernie Worrell and Nicky Skopelitis (the latter heard clearly on the last track). What results is a good, solid album showcasing the brothers' tremendous vocal gifts and extremely catchy song structures. Songs like "Nidiaye" have a timeless, poignant lyricism that's all but impossible to submerge. Natalia is a perfect introduction to this group after which the listener can proceed in either direction, toward a more roots-oriented approach or a more pop-flavored one -- or Brian Olewnick......................

The eight songs on this 1985 album compose an afro-pop classic, accessible to any progressive rock fan even if you don't understand the words. The best adjective to describe this music is "sinewy." Everything is taut and strong: the melodies, the Toure brothers' harmonies, the production and especially the captivating horn lines that unite the album. The low-tech synthesizer sounds date this effort, but at least they're played by Bernie Worrell of Talking Heads........ByDan Maley.............

I don't generally do reviews, but I have to write in that this is one of my 10 all time favorite albums. It has fantastic hooks and arrangements, is incredibly danceable and just a pleasure to listen to again and again.......ByM. Mindlin............

Toure' Kunda, originally just the duo of Senegalese brothers Ismaila and Sixu Tidiane, were the pioneers of the African invasion of Europe, settling in Paris with a repertory of western-style melodies and Middle-eastern or reggae rhythms performed on traditional instruments. Freres Griots (1979), also known as Isma‹la Do Sixu, with E'mma, was their classic. Turu (1982) and Amadou-Tilo (1984) were vastly inferior. Casamance Au Clair de Lune (1984) was an acoustic collection of traditionals. Natalia (1985) was a typical Bill Laswell production, that retained little of the African sound. Toubab Bi (1986), Sili Beto (1993), Mousla‹ (1996), Terra Saabi (2000) were not particularly engaging compared with the world-music scene that Toure' Kunda had helped create.......

Bass – Roger Chico Dru* 
Drums – Michel Abissihra* 
Guitar – Jean-Claude Bonaventure, Nicky Skopelitis 
Kora, Talking Drum – Foday Musa Suso 
Mixed By, Recorded By – Robert Muso* 
Percussion [Chatan, Cowbell], Djembe – Aiyb Dieng 
Piano – Alain "Loy" Ehrlich* 
Producer – Bill Laswell 
Programmed By [Fairlight] – Frédérick Rousseau, Olivier Bloch-Lainé 
Saxophone – Ben Benllinga*, Michel Billez* 
Synthesizer – Bernie Worrell 
Trombone – Lionel Jouot 
Trumpet – Christian Martinez 
Vocals, Percussion – Ismaïla Touré*, Ousmane Touré, Sixu Tidiane Touré

01. Toure Kunda 
02. Duunya 
03. Santhiaba Silo 
04. Nidiaye 
05. Natalia 
06. M'Barring 
07. Fode 
08. Babacady

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