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15 Mar 2017

Trance Form “Stranger in the Same Land "1982 US Private Acoustic, Prog,Symphonic

Trance Form “Stranger in the Same Land "1982 US Private Acoustic, Prog,Symphonic
Classic prog rock that ranges from the acoustic delicacy of The Way She Dances to complex productions like the title track. This has emerged as an obscure cult favorite since its original release in 1982 (Gainesville, Florida, Hyde and Zeke label)...........

Trance Form followed the establishment of the Hyde & Zeke Records label around 1977 by its founding members Bob McPeek (guitars, bass, synthesizer, vocals) and Ric Kaestner (vocals, acoustic guitar, harp, synthesizer).While running their own store they decided to put an effort on a band, recruiting George Tortorelli (bass, vocals, flutes, tabla, guitar, mandolin), Ralph Gray (drums, percussion) and Dave Smadbeck (piano, synthesizer).Trance Form recorded one album in 1982, titled ''Stranger in the same land'', finding the band drawing influences from West-Coast Psych/Folk, Anthony Phillips-like soft Folk Rock and some strong keyboard-laden Symphonic Rock in the vein of Genesis and Yes.The short tracks are mainly acoustic with romantic vocals and traditional instruments, like flute, mandolin and harp, while the longer ones are more progressive, even if having a slight AOR vibe at moments, with dominant keyboard layers, even some sax, multi-vocal harmonies, electric guitar and lots of piano.Decent compositions with mellow musicianship, still having a professional sound with light interplays and interesting ideas.The band seized to exist, when the store was sought around mid-80's.Some years later Dave Smadbeck made an impressive turn, playing for Death and Thrash Metal bands such as Malevolent Creation, Atheist and Fear Of  apps79 .........

Bob McPeek.....Acoustic Guitars, 12-string Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers, Vocals, Miscellaneous Noises ,Concoctions

George Tortorelli......Bass, Vocals, Recorders, Bamboo Flutes, Shruti Box,Tablas, Drone Awareness,Guitars, Mandolin,

Ralph Gray.....Drums, Percussion, Tablas,Patience

Ric Kaestner........Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Bowed Psaltry,More Vocals,Tape Effects,Autoharp, Synthesizers,Giggles

Dave Smadbeck......Piano, Synthesizers,Sparks

Paul Pavelka.....Chief Engineer,Production Guidance,Erased Mouth Harp

1.Wonderous Woman(3:38)
2.Within You(4:52)
3.Please Wave To Me(7:13)

1.Shining On(3:26)
2.The Way She Dances(3:58)
4.Stranger In The Same Land(10:34)

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