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19 Mar 2017

U-Turn “Living In The City” 1977 Australia Hard Rock

U-Turn “Living In The City” 1977 Australia Hard Rock

Pretty standard Aussie bluesey hard rock, like Geeza, Southern Cross and early AC/DC.

Consistent quality throughout though, good vocals and competent playing. . They are heavier due to their more interesting and metallic riffs, where as the rest is of standard blues derivation. As usual, this nicely exemplifies where hard blues turned to the metal of the later 70s……….

U-Turns’ only album it was released on ‘Lazer Records’ and as it is produced by Sherbet producer Richard Lush (which suggests that someone was prepared to throw some money behind them) and the hairstyles were fashioned by a Faces fan. Also special mention is made of Cold Chisel and Angels producer Mark Opitz for 'all his help’.
Musically U-Turn remind me of 70s UK good-time rock bands and the album does have some catchy tunes such as 'I Like It’ and 'Lady of Light’.
Other than guitarist Shane Pacey, who composed or co-composed the album with other band members, the rest of the band do not seem to have gone on to any band of note. Pacey did re-emerged a decade later in the blues band Bondi Cigars……………..

From nothingness, another group, the Australian U-Turn … definitely one of the most mysterious group with an absolute lack of information … …..

Tracklist A1 Sidewalk Teaser
A2 I Am So Lucky
A3 Living In The City
A4 Small Talk
A5 Motor Machine
B1 One Day Love Affair
B2 All Night Long
B3 U-Turn Me On
B4 I Like It
B5 Lady Of Light 

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