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19 Mar 2017

Uncle Chapin ‎ “Uncle Chapin” 1970 US Jazz Rock

Uncle Chapin ‎ “Uncle Chapin” 1970 US Jazz Rock
Excellent New York jazz-rock-funk brass-band, which left only seven songs. Formed in the 60s under the name Stonehammer. Their only album produced by George “Shadow” Morton (1940-2013). The signature on the group The Shangri-Las, Vanilla Fudge, Iron Bullerfly, New York Dolls etc. The board really great, with many brass instruments, interesting guitar, great rhythms, but there is no official reissues. In a country where tomorrow is already yesterday, you get it………….

UNCLE CHAPIN was a jazz / rock band from New York City, including Mike Mattia (trumpet-flugelhorn-piano-percussion), Carl Shickler (trombone-flute-guitar), Donny Olson (bass-lead vocals), John Briganti (Drums), Angelo Ficara (guitar-acoustic guitar-lead vocals), James Rosolino (trumpet-lead vocals), Paul Mergingoff (piano-organ-lead vocals) and Ed Covi (alto, tenor, baritone, soprano saxes-flute) . Breaks, Funk, Jazz and lots more Breaks. This beautifully textured, the band’s only self-titled release is a worthy addition for those who want to find something different in what has long been familiar. The album is permeated with the sounds and melodies of the horn, drums and rhythm solo guitar, which is typical for jazz and funk influences…… 
Angelo Ficara - guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals
James Rosolino - trumpet, lead vocals
Donny Olson - bass, vocals
Carl Shickler - trombone, flute, guitar
Mike Mattia - trumpet, flugelhorn, piano, percussion
Paul Mergingoff - piano, organ, vocals
Ed Covi - alto, tenor, baritone & soprano saxophone, flute
John Briganti - drums 

A1 Wrong From Right
A2 Do It
A3 Time Is Wastin’ Away
B1 Lo And Behold
B2 Changes
B3 If You Quite Me
B4 You Must Help Yourself 

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