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12 Mar 2017

Various: “Alive!” Key Records 1969 UK Christian Folk Rock

Various: “Alive!”  Key Records 1969 UK Christian Folk Rock 
I will sheepishly admit that i have steered well clear of records that have had that ‘Xian’ label attached to them. Call me anti-religious or whatever, but i guess this whole movement that happened in the late sixties and early seventies of ‘reformed’ or ‘Born Again’ Christians making records seemed a little comical to me for a time. However, despite my unfounded aversion, i have given this one a go.

Alive! is the collaboration of 5 acts, all of whom were part of the London Sound Vision concerts. Each of the acts offer something completely different. Different enough for us to not be able to accurately label this record. The ‘Whispers of Truth’ who blew me away with their 4 tracks on the record are a fantastic British Invasion sounding Rock band. They are the real find on this one with each of their tracks being of exceptional quality. Loads of psychedelic effects, Zombies/Beatles like harmonies and melodies. They are really a terrific band with great Pop/Psych songs.

Alongside this, we have a Contemporary Folk duo in ‘Roger & Jan’ who give us 3 acoustic ballads with close harmonies. ‘The Glorylanders’ and ‘All Things New’ also offer up some pretty tasty Blues driven Psychedelic Rock, reminiscent of ‘The Yardbirds’. Some really fantastic stuff.

The other artist is poet Nigel Goodwin who performs a couple of thought stirring spoken word pieces for the mix.

The whole thing is united by its theme of new found salvation and the message of Jesus which may appeal to some folks. Regardless, its the type of record where one can overlook the themes and really enjoy the music. Very happy to have this on the shelves for the ‘Whispers of Truth’ tracks alone. Another highlight is the closing ballad by Roger & Jan, ‘Three Crosses’, which seems to draws inspiration from Davey Graham and Shirley Collins style Folk. Just beautiful.

The reverse sleeve only mentions a handful of the musicians who played on these tracks but not the main players in the bands.....siren05 ..........

A1 –Whispers Of Truth Psychiatrist
Words By, Music By – Graham Kendrick
A2 –Roger & Jan Ever Heard A Million People Cry
Bass – Pat Morgan (5)
Words By, Music By – Roger Hurrell
A3 –All Things New Jesus Is Coming Again
Flute – Doug Fowler
Words By, Music By – James Holloway (4)
A4 –The Glorylanders Too Many Folks
Words By, Music By – Val Howard
A5 –Whispers Of Truth Sunday Afternoon With Emily
Flute – Doug Fowler
Words By, Music By – Graham Kendrick
A6 –Roger & Jan And It's You
Guitar [2nd] – David Price (14)
Words By, Music By – Roger Hurrell
Words By, Music By, Bass – Pat Morgan (5)
A7 –Nigel Goodwin (2) The First Time I Went To Church
Words By – Gordon Bailey
B1 –The Glorylanders Moment Of Time
Words By, Music By – Judy McKenzie*
B2 –Whispers Of Truth Ode To Arnold
Alto Saxophone – Doug Fowler
Words By, Music By – Graham Kendrick
B3 –All Things New Show Me
Words By, Music By – James Holloway (4)
B4 –Nigel Goodwin (2) Plastic World
Words By – Gordon Bailey
B5 –Whispers Of Truth Reality
Tambourine – Bob Uzzard
Words By, Music By – Graham Kendrick
B6 –All Things New Ones, Twos And Threes
Words By, Music By – James Holloway (4), Mick Glasson
B7 –Roger & Jan Three Crosses
Arranged By – Peter Bye
Bass – Pat Morgan (5)
Cello – Muriel Danniels
Words By, Music By – Roger Hurrell

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