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6 Apr 2017

Ablaye Cissoko “Mes Racines” 2013 Senegal Ethnic Jazz

Ablaye Cissoko “Mes Racines” 2013 Senegal Ethnic Jazz

Ablaye Cissoko is a Senegalese musician, singer and composer, who plays the kora.

His show is called “Le Griot Rouge” (named after his second album) sounds about the legend of the man who has created the kora. During this performance, Ablaye Cissoko transmits with smoothness, grace and intelligence the values of a generous tradition and sings with sincerity the peace and the respect of the other. He usually plays all around the world. His tours passed through Portugal, France, Belgium, Senegal, Mali, Canada, Germany, Norway, Russia…………………

ABLAYE CISSOKO returns with a new album “My Racines”, after many collaborations with artists from various backgrounds and several musical experiences, which brought him on the paths of jazz, baroque or Persian music. An album that explores different facets of Senegalese music, whether traditional or revisited, and in which one finds the expressiveness, the virtuosity and the magnificent voice of ABLAYE CISSOKO. ABLAYE has surrounded himself with this ensemble of Le Corda Ba, composed exclusively of musicians living in Senegal, among the most gifted and recognized……..

A great kora player born in Kolda in 1970, Kimintang Mahamadou Cissoko, better known as Ablaye Cissoko, stands at the confluence of African music and jazz. But with his ninth album entitled Mes racines, the Senegalese musician returns to his roots and explores with taste the different facets of local music, whether traditional or contemporary, in the spirit of his ancestors griots.

In 2012 we present you in selection “Amanké Dionti” of the duo Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze. This time the griot and Senegalese Kora player returns with , “Mes racines"a personal album recorded with his ensemble Le Corda Ba, composed exclusively of musicians living in Senegal. Ablaye Cissoko will start a long tour in January.
Kimintang Mahamadou Cissoko dit Ablaye Cissoko was born in 1970 in Kolda, Upper Casamance. He is the descendant of a line of griots and is learning the kora from his eight years. In 1985, Ablaye Cissoko moved to Saint-Louis of Senegal and joined the Saint-Louis Jazz Orchestra composed of African and European musicians. Ablaye Cissoko expects 2003 to record his own compositions with "Diam”. Ablaye Cissoko then captures a West African legend of the XIIth century, that of Kimintang the Red Griot. The albums “Diam” (2003) and then “Le Griot Rouge” (2005) allow Ablaye Cissoko to make a name known internationally. We will see him in the wake with Omar Pene or the jazzmen François Jeanneau, Emmanuel Bex, François Verly …
From his meeting with the German trumpeter established in New York Volker Goetze was born in 2009 the album “Sira”. The two men confront modernity and tradition, jazz and African music, in an album of great purity. Ablaye Cissoko whose goal beyond the music is “to appease the hearts of men” feeds in 2011 a new encounter with Moroccan multi-instrumentalist Majid Bekkas. This time, it is not surprising to find a welcome again between jazz, Arabic and oriental music and African music which takes place with “Mabrouk”. In 2012, Amanké Dionti released a new duet with Volker Goetze and “African Jazz Roots”, a magnificent fusion of Western jazz compositions by drummer and keyboardist Simon Goubert and traditional Senegalese music.

On “Mes racines” Ablaye Cissoko returns to its roots and explores the many facets of Senegalese music, traditional or contemporary. All his sensitivity, poetry and virtuosity are sublimated by the musicians of the ensemble Le Corda Ba and the guests of the album: writer and poet Nafissatou Dia Diouf, Doudou Seck ndiaye Katy, storyteller Coura Sarr, singer Peul Aissata Baldé … 

01 Champion
02 Kano Mbifé
03 Nanfoulé
04 Kano
05 Xarite
06 Gnon Dema
07 Baye
08 Koro (feat. Aissata Balde)
09 Kimintang (Kimintang)
10 Mon frère (Sadio)
11 Thiaroye 44 

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