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27 Apr 2017

Akwassa ‎ “La'Ila” 1975 Nigeria Afro Funk,Afrobeat

Akwassa ‎ “La'Ila” 1975 mega rare killer Nigeria Afro Funk,Afrobeat

Akwassa were among the best Afro-Beat bands coming from Nigeria. They released La'ila in 1975 and were one of the early Nigerian Funk bands to get an album out. They were related to the Heads Funk Band and most members were part of both bands. They managed to release two albums as Akwassa. Their debut La'ila came out on a well known Afro-Beat label Afrodisia Records. Akwassa were originally a duo made of Felix Day (guitar and vocals) and Kevin Coburn (organ, synthesizer and vocals). Felix Day is actually Feladey, the guitarist in Aktion (another top notch Nigerian band reissued by PMG). On La'ila the band used a lot of synthesizers and the overall sound is very pleasing. Overall the album has a raw and unpolished sound, but that's what brings that certain spark for being among the very best in the Afro-Beat genre................

2016 reissue of Nigerian funk band Akwassa's 1975 debut album 'La'ila'. They were one of the finest afro-beat bands to come out of Nigeria at the time. La'ila is packed full of synthesisers and has that very raw and unpolished sound which is what makes this album one of the very best of the afro-beat genre..........

Originally released in 1975 on esteemed Afro-beat label Afrodisia Records, "La'ila" was the debut recording from Nigerian supergroup Akwassa. Founded by Felix Day (also known as Aktion guitarist Feladey) and Kevin Coburn, the group also featured core members of red hot Afro outfit Heads Funk Band, and "La'ila" certainly is funky. Raw and unpolished, the album gets directly into the pocket, tripping between slow and low strollers and up-tempo arse-shakers born out of bubbling bass, shuffling percussion and far out organ solos. If the groove doesn't get you, then the vocal will, encouraging you to stand loud and proud in the middle of the dancefloor and throw some serious shapes. The original pressing is one of the rarest records around and has never been sold on Discogs (say what?!) despite the odd two hundred heads having it in their wantlists. I'd say you need to snap this one up..........

Akwassa , aka the Heads Funk Band, were a Nigerian afrobeat ensemble who produced 5 LPs between 1975 and 1978. As you can imagine they are all high on collectors wants lists. La’lla was their 1975 debut that was originally released on the Afrodisia label. A rare as hens teeth record, it’s never been put up for sale on Discogs. Thankfully Austria’s PMG have put out this beautifully presented reissue, download codes included...............

Arranged By, Composed By – Akwassa 
Bass Guitar [Fender], Vocals – Joe Castro (2) 
Congas, Percussion – Uncle Beejay* 
Drums, Vocals – Eddy Offeyi 
Guitar [Hayman], Vocals – Felix Odey 
Lead Vocals, Percussion – Ricky West (3) 
Organ, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals – Kevin Coburn*

A1 Funky Girl 
A2 Be Yourself (And Don't Let Nobody Be You) 
A3 Feel Alone 
B1 Orule 
B2 La'Ila (Poor Man's Cry) 
B3 Tell Me 
B4 I Don't Want No-Body (To Tell Me What To Do)

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