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21 Apr 2017

Alpha Omega “Alpha Omega” 1976 Australia Prog Jazz Rock fusion,Electronic

Alpha Omega “Alpha Omega” 1976 Australia Prog Jazz Rock fusion,Electronic

Steven Maxwell, most known for his group Cybotron, also plays synthesizers for this most interesting fusion group. Perhaps Cybotron’s Colossus is a good reference, mixing in saxophone lead rock with electronic sequences. Alpha Omega is more rooted in jazz, however, which includes some free blow sax and shredding guitar solos. It’s an odd combination. Passport’s Infiniti Machine is also similar to this, though for certain more tame. Well worth hearing for the uniqueness factor………by…….ashratom ……….

Alpha Omega-Self Titled 1976 Australian Prog/Jazz/Kraut/Funk LP. This was their only album and was released on the rare Clear Light Of Jupiter label. This was one of only 7 albums released on the label. The others were Steve Maxwell Von Braund-Monster Planet, Rainbow Theatre-The Armada, Cybotron-Self Titled and Krautrock albums by Thirsty Moon, Agitation Free and Wallenstein. Steve Braund makes a guest appearance playing synthesiser. All songs were compsed, arranged, conducted and produced by guitarist John Bellamy. Gil Mathews was the engineer…………….

Alpha Omega were a five-piece band consisting of John Bellamy on lead guitar, Dave Brown on sax, Howard Croft on electric piano, Tony Hargreaves on bass and Ray Dick on percussion. This, their only album, is a mix of fusion and out jazz. A lot of it is pretty self-ingrossed, but the band gets funky in parts, like on ‘Sundance.’ The best track of the record though is ‘Reflections’ that sounds like it could have been lifted of one of David Axelrod’s early solo albums, with it’s ethereal guitar intro played in a way that begs to be sampled. An interesting record overall, but with only one really amazing composition………….

A1 Constalations 9:32 
A2 Silent Voices 6:33 
A3 Sundance 5:56 
B1 Alpha Omega 8:40 
B2 Dawning 9:25 
B3 Reflections 4:03 

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