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29 Apr 2017

Alquitran ‎ “Alquitran” 1977 Spain Prog Rock

Alquitran ‎ “Alquitran” 1977 Spain Prog Rock

Very unique single-disc band. The original edition of this LP is quoted (or quoted) for bizarre amounts, although it has been recently reissued. It was published in the no less obscure stamp AUVI, also responsible for the second and last of Borne and also second and last of Barcelona Traction. Neither the LP of Tar nor these two have been reedited on CD………….

A1 El Ascensor
A2 Ocaso De Un Play Boy
A3 Pais
A4 Nosotros
A5 La Escalera
B1 Ellos
B2 Entre Soles Densos
B3 Hacia Una Nueva Luz
B4 Ni Idea 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..