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8 Apr 2017

Anvil “Mr. Music Man” 1979 Germany Private Prog Psych

Anvil “Mr. Music Man” 1979 Germany Private Prog Psych

This must be one of the last forgotten Krautrock obscurities from the ‘70. The B-side is actually quite rewarding, although I have to admit there’s a certain amateurishness that distracts from a totally convincing listening experience. Still some catchy songs to be found here. This is one of those albums that you know you actually shouldn’t like but for some mysterious reason you do anyway……..eskeshuus ………

Winfried Borchardt (drums) 
Jürgen Ceynowa (bass) 
Udo Kamps (rhythm guitar) 
Wolfgang Müllers (lead guitar, vocals) 
Winfried Zastrau (keyboards, vocals)

A1 Mr. Music Man 3:56 
A2 Taste And Try 4:36 
A3 Reggae For The Workers 3:30 
A4 Countdown 4:35 
B1 Sheila 7:05 
B2 Round About Feelings 4:57 
B3 Night Express 6:38 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..