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19 Apr 2017

Aquaserge “Laisse Ça Être” 2017 France Prog, Experimental, Avant Garde

Aquaserge “Laisse Ça Être” 2017 France Prog Experimental Avant Garde

The virtuosic dreamers of Aquaserge sign with their new album a fantastic, melodious and poetic adventure. 

Since their hatchery in 2005, the joyful sailors of Aquaserge criss-cross the waves of the French progressive rock song. Erudites passionate, intellectuals out of the conservatory, sweet dreamers, followers of puns (“What am I?”), Intrepid explorers, aesthetic observers, there is a bit of all that among members of the group initially composed of Julien Gasc Keyboard and vocals), Benjamin Gibert (guitar) and Julien Barbagallo (drums, member of Tame Impala), joined by Manon Glibert (clarinet), Audrey Ginestet (bass) and Julien Chamlale (drums). 

The name “Aquaserge” is found when the band found itself under a deluge during a tour and imagined then sailing in the abysses of a world buried under the waves, aboard a submarine piloted by this dear Serge Gainsbourg. A yellow-colored submarine, reminiscent of the most psychedelic period of the Beatles, but also venturing into the more hostile currents of Krautrock, King Crimson, free-jazz, or horror cinema
Stereolab, Damo Suzuki, Moodoïd, Bertrand Burgalat and April March, the band made a name for themselves in France with their album A l'Amitié, Let’s be it, their fifth album, which sounds as much a manifesto as autonomism and as a nod to French Fab Four, continues admirably on this way. After a tour in 2015 that saw the group enriched with a brass section, this new opus presents itself with a denser, more orchestrated sound and slightly less rock. Difficult however to qualify such an album so much the musical identity of Aquaserge is changing. Tour du Monde starts with a groovy Jazz atmosphere and confirms the group’s passion for the paradoxes put into music (“If you walk in your own footsteps, you’ve traveled around the world!”). So far, so close, another antithesis, is spread over 8 minutes of atmospheric Jazz carried by the clarinet. The 1st is at the rendezvous mixes all genres in a confusing and winning title. The Oriental charm, a psychedelic and nonchalant waltz, recalls the Beach Soys’ Pets Sounds arrangements. At the end of the disc, Les yeux fermés is a magnificent poem to recite on the pillow.
Again on this record of Aquaserge, the lyrics are minimalist, the poetry is surreal and the music is often enough to itself. We feel more than ever on Let it make the will to seize the moment, to make each song a sketch or a small world apart. Above all, the group seems to advance on its own rhythm, ignoring with a welcome insolence all the rules to the image of South Virage, instrumental title where one hears the bass to amuse to confuse the listener with teasing. The only track unveiled to date to promote a new album atypical, the piece embodies the priesthood of Aquaserge to move the lines too fixed of the song French pop-rock. A mission that the group will continue to endure with the second degree and the lightness that go so well……Nicolas Ignatiew………..

1 Tour Du Monde 4:04 
2 Virage Sud 4:01 
3 Tintin On Est Bien Mon Loulou 6:00 
4 Si Loin Si Proche 8:18 
5 C'est Pas Tout Mais 5:37 
6 L'ire Est Au Rendez​-​vous 5:39 
7 Charme D'Orient 5:28 
8 Les Yeux Fermés 6:36 

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