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26 Apr 2017

Blå Tåget ‎"Brustna Hjärtans Hotell" 1972 + “Slowfox” 1974 + ‎“Blå Tåget På Fågel Blå” 1982 Live + “1969-1974” (Samling) 1988 Sweden Prog Rock,Folk Rock,Experimental,Avant Garde

Blå Tåget (Gunder Hägg) ‎"Brustna Hjärtans Hotell" 1972 + “Slowfox” 1974 + ‎ “Blå Tåget På Fågel Blå” 1982 Live + “1969-1974” (Samling) 1988 Sweden Prog Rock,Folk Rock,Experimental,Avant Garde

The group was founded in 1968 and initially called the Sound of Music (the lyrics were mostly in English). Name change to Gunder Hägg 1969, in connection with the first LP. New name change 1972, to Blå Tåget. 1974, after five lps, it was time to put off. Then, the group, starting as a kind of 60-talistic music hopping, had become one of the “ flagship ” in the 70’s music movement. But the history of Blue Train did not end there. A series of concerts on Bird Blue in the early 80’s resulted in a double-lp (live). And in the mid 90’s, new songwriting led to the cd “ Modern Material ”……….

Blå Tåget ‎"Brustna Hjärtans Hotell" 1972 

1. Den Grå Eminensen
2. Den Ena Handen Vet Vad Den Andra
3. Gesällvisan
4. Tvivelaktig Kurtis
5. Medan Havregrynen Sväller
6. Balladen Om Den Amerikanske Fris
7. I Hagalund
8. Hal Is
9. Trollkarlens Hatt
10. Kan Sparsamhet Rädda Proletaria
11. Var Finns En Sjö…
12. Winges Vals
13. Ugglans Sång
14. I Miljonärskvarteren
15. Konsten, Fru Ramona
16. Café Europa
17. På Väg Till Koppargruvan
18. Vägen Till Klondike
19. En Sommarbild
20. Järven
21. Tragedi I Kanslihuset

Blå Tåget ‎ “Slowfox” 1974 
The Slowfox with Blå Tåget  came in 1974 and I ate it at Mariehamn’s library a decade later. Maybe it was because I knew it was Blue Tåget who wrote the Ebba Green-class State and the capital that I was interested in. Thåström certainly knew his predecessors, like Hoola bandoola bands and Blå Tåget . It is not entirely wrong to draw parallels eg Between God God from Slowfox and Hang God from Ebbornas first LP. I liked and like the Blå Tåget songs. They are minimalist, dance and trall-friendly, with lots of irony and protest in the lyrics. They take a stand, are aware and uncompromising. The songs are earthy and amateurish like Grus in Dojjan, less pompous than Hoola Bandoola and the National Theater, more literary than other proggbands, as I heard. Perhaps it must be a collection of confused university students, artists and multimusicians to be able to throw as well as the Blå Tåget makes on Slowfox. My favorite is the song On the parking deck, and especially the lines: “And suddenly I remember seeing her before. In the Finnish boat cafeteria behind a strong beer and a macka. She was on my way to Sweden. She came from northern Finland where all the jobs had taken final.”………. 
Blå Tåget ‎ “Blå Tåget På Fågel Blå” 1982 Live

Sida A: (LP1)
1. Ingenting mera blev sagt
2. För all del
3. Ner med allt
4. Bara som det känns
Sida B: (LP1)
1. I vargatider
2. Hal is
3. I hajarnas djupa vatten
4. Problem?
Sida A: (LP2)
1. Winges vals
2. Doktor Borg
3. Spader Dam
4. Förförelsen
5. Winges klagan
Sida B: (LP2)
1. Sista valsen på motellet
2. Moderna Muséet
3. Ingenting ska med
4. Det var en sådan dag

Blå Tåget “1969-1974” (Samling) 1988

1. Teddy Bear Baby
2. Sweet Love
3. Smoking
4. I Guds Frånvaro
5. Alienation
6. Glassfabriken
7. Kalla Kriget
8. Uppå Landet
9. Winges Vals
10. I Miljonärskvarteren
11. Konsten, Fru Ramona
12. Staten och Kapitalet
13. Gesällvisan
14. Balladen Om Frisören Från USA
15. I Hagalund
16. Vägen Till Klondike
17. Nya Vantarna

Founded in 1967 under the name of the Gorilla orchestra of a bunch of jazzy poets. Under the names of Tjalles Hosisont, they had a classical appearance at the opening of the Warhole exhibition at Moderna Museet in February 1968. Renaming to the Sound of Music and in 1969 they called Gunder Hägg after a famous insider. They started the disc publishing Musiknätet Waxholm with Tore Berger’s money where they proudly released the badly mixed Tigerkaka as MNW 1P.The renowned innrotting threatened with tuning and the group is now known as the Blå Tåget. Gunder Hägg’s son Göran Hägg thought dad’s threat of mood was a bit stiff when he was a big idol of the group. The group was dissolved in 1974 when they thought they had done their own, but only a while later, “Stockholm North” was formed. And when Ebba Green plagued the state and the capital at its best, Blue Train came back and showed how it was to be sung.
In 1999, the Blå Tåget was put on the rail and released the plate Modern material. A disc that easily impresses with songs like “Allt Var Liksom i Rörelse” and “Konstiga Tider”. Most recently I saw them at the New Pistol Theater they were writing a music to a radio project and, as far as I know, the Blå Tåget still rolls over the country. / Patrik Carlson (October 2002)………..

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