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30 Apr 2017

Bob Berry "Heavy Berry “1969 US Private West Coast Psych Rock

Bob Berry  "Heavy Berry “1969 US mega rare Private West Coast Psych Rock
full only on vk…

Extremely Rare Unknown late 60’s California Private Pressing Westcoast Psych Rock with superb Lead Guitar and Swirling Organ evolving out of the ashes of legendary Garage Psych Band "Fourth Street Exit” .

Highly recommended LP ranging from heavy to melodic with a unique west coast feel and professional execution. Side 1 is pretty much a one man project with Bob berry playing all the instruments , Side 2 has a full backing band.

Only 100 copies made back in the day, individually hand silk screened and Sealed with a Gold sticker. . Reasonable Reserve on this impossibly rare and great LP!……….. 

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