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19 Apr 2017

Busker “On Any Street Corner” 1976 Canada Prog Symphonic

Busker “On Any Street Corner” 1976 Canada Prog Symphonic

On any street is the debute album from canadian progressive rock from 1976. This album together with their next one and their lates Norther fantasies is their best for sure and their most progressive aswell. On this album Busker mainly concentrates on progressive moves, quite ok and well arranged, even are not complex or complicated. It’s accesibele progressive type, for everybody, almost what Styx done in that period, mainly mainstream, but with some good towards great keybords arrangements, with a jazzy feel here and there and popy atmosphere. I like the voice, like on all of their albums, even is nothing realy excelent , is very warm and pleasent, fits very well in this context. All pieces stands as good, nothing groundbreaking or innovative but very enjoyble to my ears. This album like the rest are very hard to find in any format today, in first place the album was sold only at the concerts in small quantity, maybe that is so unknown today by larger public. 3.5 for this one, I like it, accesible prog rock with popy elements added here and there but well performed with good keybords. Not realy recommended, but if you want to discover obscure prog bands from the ‘70’s try this band maybe you will find intristing arrangements on their albums…… by b_olariu ……..

Line-up / Musicians 
- Steve McCann / Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Vocals and Percussion 
- Randy Dawdy / Drums, Congas, Tympani, Vocals and Percussion

Songs / Tracks Listing 
1. Do You Ever Feel This Way 
2. Dangerous Dan McGrew 
3. Carole-Ann 
4. Tell the Truth 
5. Time to Boogie 
6. 7-11 Heaven 
7. Lovely Lady 
8. Crystals - Fly Fly Butterfly 
9. Funky Mellow 
10. Cry No No Now Baby Don’t Cry (and Good-Time, Good-Night, Day-Mares) 

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