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8 Apr 2017

Cymande "Second Time Round"1973 UK Funk Rock second album

Cymande  "Second Time Round"1973 UK Funk Rock second album

Cymande’s second LP is captivating enough, but perhaps too political for the masses. Still, there’ve been few better fusions of reggae and jazz than Second Time Round. The spirited “Anthracite” is driven by horns on the chorus, a scorching sax solo, and a titillating flute. Flautist Mike Rose continues to captivate on the oddly titled “Willie Headache,” which is far too mellow to cause listeners to grab for the Tylenol. Everything is centered around Steve Scipo’s bubbly bass notes, a good example being “Trevorgus,” in which the beat falls between midtempo and uptempo and everything (the horns, the rhythm, the chanting vocals) complements each other as if linked by an invisible chain. The group scintillates on “Fug,” a rapid-fire mover and shaker that speaks of people dying because of greed and deceit. Cymande let their dreads down on this one – emoting, getting real, and performing like there’s no tomorrow. Gotta give Pablo Gonsales a bone for his constant, creative work on the congas throughout; drummer Sam Kelly stays in the background, happy with his understated role and keeping it tight. Vocalist Ray King breaks off his best lead on the tempo changing “Bird,” and Joey Dee assists vocally while patting on his conga set; Peter Serreo, and Derek Gibbs sax play sparkles like champagne from beginning to end…… by Andrew Hamilton ……

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of this 1973 album including two bonus tracks. Their second LP, Second Time Round, further developed their unique musical stew of funk, soul, afro rhythms and Caribbean stylings, perhaps epitomized on the popular track ‘Fug’. This reissue boasts two non-album single edits and new sleevenotes written with the cooperation with the band and John Schroeder. Cymande (pronounced sah-mahn-day) are a legendary funk group formed in 1971 in London by musicians from Guyana, Jamaica and Saint Vincent. Their name was derived from a Calypso word for dove, symbolizing peace and love. The band was signed by producer John Schroeder to his Alaska label in the UK. Cymande went on to release three albums in the early-to-mid 1970s……….

Cymande by now should need no introduction,but for those who are just discovering this group this ensemble recorded three classic albums in the early 70’s (4 total and not counting compilation collections) that contained elements of Funk,Soul Reggae,African and Jazz. The group was made up of African descendants who hailed from Britian and various Carribean nations. The music drew comparison in the states to the more commercially popular sound infused bands like WAR and Mandrill. This album is their second release from 1973,and has the original 10 tracks sounding superb with a marvelous remastering.Great tracks such as “Genevieve” ,“Willy’s Headache” and “Anthracite” are superbly performed. The liner notes give a brief history of the band alongside a group photo. A must have for a collector of rare 70’s Funk&Soul and an essential addition to the Cymande catalog….By d.niceon……………

Heavy bass, tight percussion, and a wonderfully trippy groove – the stunning second album from Cymande, and one of our funk favorites from the 70s! These guys have a sound that’s completely unique – a vibe that mixes African and Jamaican influences up in the heady London scene of the early 70s – with results that were years ahead of their time, and which still go onto blow many minds all these years later! The bass alone is worth the price of admission – as dubby as anything from Kingston, but with a tighter focus – one that drives some sinister lines from the vocals, and which gets strong support from lots of lively conga passages. There’s a slight stoner undercurrent, but the sound of the set is never sleepy at all – and titles include the classic “Anthracite”, “Fug”, and “Them & Us” – plus “Genevive”, “Willie’s Headache”, “For Baby Ooh”, “Bird”, and “Crawshay”………..

UK funk outfit Cymande followed their eponymous debut LP with “Second Time Round”, also from 1973. Fusing musical influences such as soul, Afro-beat, reggae and calypso, they created a unique British funk sound that became a favourite sample source for hip hop producers in the next two decades. This LP includes the classic “Fug” and single / album opener “Anthracite” - a title only a UK outfit would ever call a track!…………

1: Anthracite
2: Willies’ Headache
3: Genevieve
4: Trevorgus
5: To You
6: For Baby Ooh
7: Fug
8: Crawshay
9: Bird
10: Them And Us
11: Fug (7" Mix)
12: Anthracite (7" Mix) 

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