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2 Apr 2017

Dagadana ‎"Meridian 68" 2016 Polish-Ukrainian Folk Jazz Electronic

Dagadana ‎"Meridian 68" 2016 Polish-Ukrainian Folk Jazz Electronic

DAGADANA is a Polish-Ukrainian band that blends various music genres. By mixing folk, jazz and electronica they create their own unique language. Full of warmth vocal lines sang often through voice processors, bold synthetic sounds, trance-like acoustic bass and children’s toys used as instruments is DAGADANA’s method to flood the listener with sounds that are never boring. This is their third album……….

The group has been combining elements of Ukrainian and Polish culture for over eight years with jazz, electronics and world music. This time the band turned to today’s somewhat forgotten folk music. The album includes traditional songs from various regions of Poland (from Kurpiowszczyzna and Wielkopolska), popular Ukrainian and Lemkos songs, as well as one unique track recorded in Chinese together with the Beijing-based North Lab band.The core of the new album is folk songs from Poland and Ukraine. The artists of inspiration sought in various sources: their loved ones, their ethnic music workshops, their books and their loved ones.
On the other hand, the eastern direction is the result of the encounter with the extraordinary musicians: Hassibagen of Mongolia and Aiy Song of China during a visit to Beijing. “We came to China for the first time in preparation for Euro 2012. We spent a week there, and when it was time to return home, I felt so sad as if I was leaving Ukraine. It was a complete surprise, because it is such a distant, unfamiliar culture and at the same time there is something interesting, interesting and new, "says Dan Vynnytsk. Huge impression on the entire team made especially the first meeting with the musicians there. "Although we did not know our languages, we were able to communicate with music without difficulty,” recalls Dana.
Chinese adventure also refers to the name of the album. - 68th meridian is the exact center between Czestochowa and Beijing, the places where we recorded songs. There are many interesting countries. I wonder if one of them will ever give us some tour dates? Dagmara Gregorovich wonders.
The graphic design of the album is also unusual, referring to the band’s journey. On the cover and in the middle of the album we will find beautiful illustrations made by the Ukrainian icon writer Olya Kravchenko.
- The release of this album was our crazy vision. I am very happy that we succeeded in realizing another musical dream. Now it is time to meet the audience and have a joint sound trip - emphasizes Dagmara Gregorowicz……
The quartet under the leadership of Dagi Gregorowicz and Dana Winnicka takes us on another very long journey.
This time, in addition to the traditional Polish and Ukrainian folk melodies, the band also took Chinese folklore workshops, which resulted in one song - Kangding Qingge - sung in that same language. Very pretty otherwise. Even my favorite on this record, I confess with astonishment, most memorable due to the tune melody and nice rustling reports.
In the recording sessions took part, among others. Musicians from Mongolia and China, and the title of the album refers to meridian 68 - located exactly between Częstochowa and Beijing. Music is still a result of folk honesty, jazz rhythm and modern electronic pulse. After a flirtation with the poetry of Janusz Różewicz, who was devoted to the previous album Letter to you, DagaDana returns to what he can best, ie his own interpretation of folk music - not only from our cultural circle. The class is already heard in the first track, Grajo gracyki, in which the folk rawness of the melody seamlessly merges with the sophisticated production and dynamics of percussion instruments. Spot plays the bassist Mikołaj Pospieszalski giving a club song, dance character. And so it will be all the more, sometimes with a greater emphasis on jazz and pop (Morning morning, I am wearing old rice, millet on the bed), sometimes emphasizing attachment to home electronics, from which Daga and Dana began their music adventure - here Finally, focusing on the dramaturgy of the piece and almost abandoning the modern means of expression (Plywe duck after Tysyni, And in the volume of the orchestra).
As a result, a balanced balance between “core” folk music and its up-to-date, contemporary interpretation was achieved. DagaDana once again proves that she is not afraid of development and creatively uses the new inspiration that she absorbed while traveling to the Far East.
The publication is also worth considering because of the beautiful cover artwork designed by the Ukrainian screenwriter Olya Kravchenko and a thick booklet with detailed information about each song and translated into English texts…………..
1 Grajo Gracyki
2 Kangding Qingge
3 Rano Rano Raniusieńko
4 U Jeziorecka
5 Jestem Sobzie Starozina
6 U Poli Bereza
7 Siałem Proso Na Zagonie
8 Plywe Kacza Po Tysyni
9 Nie Będę Się Kłopotała
10 Koby Ne Moroz
11 A W Tomu Sadu 

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