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21 Apr 2017

Electric Love Machine (ELM) “Love Deluxe” 2017 US Prog Psych Electronic Funk Rock ,Experimental

Electric Love Machine “Love Deluxe”  2017 US Prog Psych Electronic Funk Rock ,Experimental
released April 20, 2017 

Electric Love Machine’s sophomore album ‘Love Deluxe’ is considered a genre buster and uniquely weaves elements of Rock, Metal, Electronic, Pop, Fusion, Funk, soaring guitar, and cerebral vocals into a high energy listening experience

Electric Love Machine (ELM) is best described as an outer space adventure through sound, infused with doses of electronic funk, traditional Americana and improvisational jazz, and whose foundation is built on a sense of community. Their first full-length album, XenofoneX, touches upon the aural sense, and travels through one’s heart, makes a stop in the brain, all while travelling across the cosmic plane. 

Founded by Baltimore musicians, Jon Brady (keys and vocals), Jon Wood (guitar and lead vocals), Steve Gorsuch (drums), and Alex Lang (bass), ELM brings over 30 years of combined experience on their mission to reach new heights in improvisation and musical communication with well crafted songs, beautiful lyrical imagery, rock solid dance beats, and myriad other elements. 

ELM is part of a dedicated and diverse network of Live performance artists, acrobats, painters, graphic artists, musicians, fashion designers, and music lovers from in and around the Baltimore area who support each other and often perform together to make each show a profoundly unique experience. 

Flying through their (fair-priced) interstellar journey, their tribe supports ELM not just in their hometown of Baltimore, MD, but also throughout the band’s multiple engagements spanning the Northeast, and future markets in the Southeast, Midwest, West, the Moon, and potentially our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy (dependent on contract negotiations). 

In addition to the many hallowed halls ELM has had the extreme pleasure of playing, they have gratefully performed with jam monsters EOTO, Papadosio, Dopapod, TAUK, Turkuaz, Electron, and PPPP, and have played multiple sets at such fine festivals as The Mad Tea Party, Moonrise, Camp Barefoot, The Werk Out, Domefest, and Lunar Bay.Risen from the ashes of keg-fueled house parties and sweaty bars of College Park, MD, Box Era has planted itself as a staple in the up-and-coming DMV music scene. Creating a jam-inspired electro-pop and funk blend, Box Era’s music arms you with every tool necessary to go talk to that special someone you’ve been eyeing up. You’ll find yourself dancing the night away, shaking hands with CEOs, and experiencing the juiciest sweet-and-sour jamwich of your life. 

With a debut EP right round the corner, Box Era is gearing up for an explosive 2017. From word of mouth alone, the band has already supported national headliners and conquered renowned venues across the region. The party is only going to grow. There’s a saxophone, a talkbox, and two pairs of glasses. There’s magic, youth, and the most unique sound you’ve heard since The Bangles. Box Era is the story of four boys wandering the halls of Xanadu, forever in search of sweet cream…………..
Jon Wood - Guitar, Vocals 
Jon Brady - Keyboards, Vocals 
Alex Lang - Bass 
Evan Lintz - Drums

01. Crushing Time 
02. Visions 
03. Love Deluxe 
04. Tomorrow Knows 
05. Looper 
06. Oceans 
07. Trillsville 
08. Ghost in the Mirror 
09. Gemini 
10. Dance in the Light 
11. Goodbye 
12. Binary Soul 

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