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1 Apr 2017

Fermáta ‎"Biela Planéta The White Planet" ‎1980 Czechoslovakia Jazz Rock Fusion

Fermáta ‎"Biela Planéta The White Planet" ‎1980 Czechoslovakia Jazz Rock Fusion

My second review of Fermáta’s jazz perfection, so this time, my choice is album called “White Planet”, with tracklist of famous explorers. Seven of them I know, Humboldt is unknown to me, but has interesting record on wikipedia. So, I can just barely compare, if music is faithful to course of their lives and their journeys. I can tell you that with this album that you get fine piece of jazz. This is not ordinary jazz, you’re accustomed, this is Fermáta sound, by which this band is well known in jazz circles. Yes, I’m just normal, mundane prog listener, so my point of view wouldn’t be so professional. But as far as I can tell, you get nice, clean album full of jazz craftsmanship. I saw these guys on Za Zrkadlem gig (Behind Mirror) and can tell that they can play and they could in these times also. For normal prog, like symphonic prog, times were starting to be rough. But not for Fermáta, as they still had ideas and imagination to create this almost conceptual work. For example Kolumbus really brings to my imagination images of sea and voyage of his ships to a new world.
4(-) for ambitious concept album, which fails to hold listeners attention at times (at least my) and also is hard to understand, what exactly they meant, to what they’re referring with exact guitar riff, chord, or passage in track… Marty McFly ……..
Biela Planeta takes us back into the earlier phase of Fermata’s sound, if you are discovering this band as I have (backwords in discography), you will enjoy hearing the bands development, of course the 80’s was not exactly the heyday of progrock or fusion, so hearing anything from that era that is remotely one or the other is always a treat.

This period of Fermata’s music shows a much more fusion centered approach prior to what you would hear on later albums, which had a much more progressive rock feel, combined with the musicianship of fusion. There is enough of progressivity however to justify this as more than just another fusion band, the nice thing about Fermata, is that they are walking the fine line between the instrumental creativity of symphonic progrock, and the intricasies of the more technical fusion musics. Not a mere clone of the more notable bands in either genre, their music deserves to be recognized for it’s own innovations.

Biela Planeta (The White Planet), is comprised of 8 songs that are named after some of the great explorers in history, each song is truely an adventure in sonic delight, though there are no vocals to imply that the idea behind the songs titles are in any way a concept of any sorts. Yet the songs have a varied appeal, making this yet another Fermata album worth recommending to fans of symphonic progressive rock, mixed with some fusion undertones.

The band has been likened to the styles of bands like: Brand X, Return to Forever, UK, Bruford, Area, Mahavishnu Orch, Kornet, Kraan, Fusioon, Iceberg, Isotope and other bands that operated on both sides of the genre boundaries of prog and fusion. These are all fair assessments, and somewhere in between all of those bands, a band like Fermata belongs, though they certainly are their own thing to be sure……MJBrady………………
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Line-up / Musicians
- Tomás Berka / keyboards
- Fedor Freso / bass, mandoline
- Frantisek Griglák / guitars
- Karol Oláh / drums, percussion

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Cook (4:34)
2. Magellan (5:25)
3. Amundsen (7:09)
4. Polo (3:41)
5. Da Gama (4:30)
6. Humboldt (5:27)
7. Kolumbus (3:58)
8. Livingstone (5:57)

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Huascaran , Opus 1978 , 4.5
Biela planeta ( White Planet ) , Opus 1980
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Simile , UMSK/GZ 1991
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