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22 Apr 2017

Feta Heta Linjen "Med Kisa, Brass & Brudar" 1971 Sweden Prog Jazz Rock,Psych Funk

Feta Heta Linjen  "Med Kisa, Brass & Brudar" 1971 Sweden Prog Jazz Rock,Psych Funk 

An obscure Swedish Jazz/Prog/Horn Rock band found in 1970 and featuring drummer Janne “Loffe” Carlsson of Hansson & Karlsson fame, guitarist Bengan Karlsson, pianist Berndt Egerbladh, bassist Göran Lagerberg (member of Baltik, Egba, Kebnekaise, Bo Hansson and more recently on Fläsket Brinner), singers Hakan Sterner and Kisa Magnuson (she represented Sweden in the 1972 Eurovision contenst), trombone player Olle Holmqvist and later Egba’s founder Ulf Andersson on saxes.The band released the album “Feta Heta Linjens Supershow” in 1971 on Odeon. 

Despite recorded in studio,the band attempted to mimic the glamourous large live shows with a humurous edge, thus reminding a lot of FRANK ZAPPA’s works at first place, mixed with Jazz, Psychedelic and Horn Rock arrangements along with plenty of vocal introductions.It is rumoured the band even used a revivalist preacher on several of them!Musically the albums holds similarities with BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS on the accesible arrangements, while there is a light amount of complex jazzy Progressive Rock thrown in with unusual breaks, improvised parts and frenetic, almost kraut-ish interplays.Great sax and trombone solos are met throughout the listening along with a great rhythm section, soft piano passages and hard guitar playing at moments.The shorter tracks function as a sarcastic parody to the concept chosen under spoken parts only supported by background music.The longer ones though contain a blend of easy-listening Horn Rock along with jamming instrumental Jazz-Rock of excellent quality. 

The album sounds remarkably fresh even today as a result of the innovative and personal work the band did back in 1971.Strongly recommended to a variety of music lovers: from simply Horn Rock and Jazz followers to fans of Psychedlic Rock, German Kraut and challenging Progressive Rock….by…apps79 …..

Bass – Göran Lagerberg 
Drums – Janne Carlsson* 
Guitar – Bengan Karlsson* 
Painting – Håkan Sterner 
Piano – Bernt Egerblad* 
Saxophone – Ulf Andersson 
Trombone – Olle Holmqvist 
Vocals – Bengan Karlsson*, Göran Lagerberg, Håkan Sterner, Kisa Magnusson, Olle Holmqvist, Ulf Andersson

A1 Förspel
A2 It´s Risi´n Up Real
A3 Papa Serindes
A4 Mercedes Benz
A5 Cry Me A River
B1 You Shall Find Your Way
B2 Grattis Lilla Mamma
B3 Bengans Handtrall
B4 Mama
B5 Efterspel 

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