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1 Apr 2017

Frank Pisani "Sky" 1977 US killer Private Prog Psych Funk Rock

Frank Pisani  "Sky" 1977 US killer Private Prog Psych Funk Rock
A groovy funky prog delight lp,and yes this combination exists,listen for proof,Frank Pisani does genial work mixing funk even disco elements with organ melting latin rock and then pure cerebral prog and fusion even psych elements all together reminding,who else,Zappa's late '70s early 80s works,here with more groove and spaced out looseness. Even some AOR moments and vocals are more than acceptable. .......

Jamming Hammond, High Energy Rhythms, Loud Electric Guitar, Bluesy Vocals, Cowbells With a party-Time Grand Funk Railroad Feel With Dillinger And Classic Kansas Thrown In To The Mix.........
The mid-1970s seem to have found him trying to break into the rock scene. That said, there's actually a good chance these six tracks reflect period demos and Pisani wasn't even aware this set was released. Regardless, produced by Mark Brown (who also co-wrote much of the material with Pisani), these six songs showcased a nice blend of commercial top-40 and progressive moves - imagine Kansas if they'd decided they really wanted to be a top-40 presence. Pisani had a very nice voice; commercial, but gruff enough to pull this stuff off without sounding like he was trying to pander to the audience.

- The lead off track 'Death of the Sun' served to underscore the collection's progressive moves. Propelled by a nice mix of fuzz guitar and stabbing keyboards, the track had a great melody that more than compensated for the occasionally dorky lyrics. Yeah it went on a little too long, but for his part Pisani turned in a nice vocal that would have made any Uriah Heep fan proud. The song sounds even better cranked up, or on a good set of headphones. rating **** stars
- It may have been a slice of AOR, but 'Special Love' had one of those guitar riffs that instantly dug into your head and wouldn't let go. Hard to believe a band like Journey could sell millions of records and this was totally ignored. Easily the best song on the album and could have been a major hit. rating ***** stars
- Side one ended with the extended instrumental 'Her Song'. Some of the synthesizers haven't aged all that will, but the track still managed to generate considerable energy. Perhaps due in part to those cheesy synthesizers, one of my album favorites. rating **** stars
- 'Grabing Air' started with slowly with an extended keyboard and synthesizer dominated instrumental segment, before the vocal kicked in. The song's okay, but lacked the focus of some of the other tracks. Not my favorite performance. rating ** stars
- 'Lament' found Pisani and company aiming for the lowest common denominator; pure unadulterated AOR. That's not to imply AOR was a bad thing. The song benefited from a decent melody and some frenetic lead guitar. Easily as good as anything you heard on mid-1970s FM radio. rating *** stars
- The first couple of times I heard it 'The Pack' left me totally cold. It struck me as cold, pretentious, and a major bore. I'm not going to try to convince you it was a great performance, 'cause it wasn't. That said, repeated spins started to reveal some of the song's charms. Yes, it was pretentious beyond belief, but in a funny kind of way. Full of tortuous time shifts and melodic stops and starts, the refrain actually got it down well ... that's where we lost our way'. This one must have been intended as kind of an in-house gag ... 'Hey look, you though ELP was deep and meaningful. Check this out !' rating *** stars.....Bad Cat..........

A1. Death Of The Sun 7:06
A2. Special Love 3:18
A3. Her Song 6:30
B1. Grabing Air 4:37
B2. Lament 3:19
B3. The Pack 5:00 

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