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22 Apr 2017

Hyldemor “Glem Det Hele” 1976 Danish Psychedelic Rock

Hyldemor “Glem Det Hele” 1976 Danish Psychedelic Rock

This group was first known as Hyldemors Grønsaligheder and developed out of Furekåben in 1973. Their first LP didn’t appear until 1978, by which time their music had changed to rural folk-rock vaguely comparable to Bifrost. The album lacks excitement and is a rather boring listening experience. All their lyrics were sung in Danish…………..

If not C.V. Jørgensen had already used it, it was now that the lovely turn “acid green evergreens” was in play - now that good people have led a great CD release of Hyldemor’s delayed acid-sugar milestone from ‘78. Allusion to CV is of course no coincidence, just as, like the Christianity plate of '76, paved the way for Jørgensen’s breakthrough, popular popular anthology also paved the way for the old Furekåben frontier Hans Winning’s vinyl arrival.
Ten songs carried through the characteristic song talks of Vindning - and a lyrical universe comparable to a Skaløe or Bengtsson, but nevertheless, to a great extent, was Winning’s own. Candidates for highlights on the record are Thousand Years and the title number, and, of course, all of this is only the extensive booklet and the unprecedented bonus track. So, forget it all, friends - and embark on a musical trip, which may not just be termed as timeless. But that is still inciting very rarely………………..

It is with great pride that Hyldemor ’s peerless album “ Glem Det Hele ” in February issued on CD for the first time ever. Pride is partly from the undersigned , and of the many people who once were involved in both the band Hyldemor in this album and last but not least among His recovery ’s family and many friends. The original album was released in 1978 on LP record and music cassette and has never since been reprinted . Thus there is only this one warehouse and a fairly well-kept copy traded today antiquarian for 750 dollars and upwards .

Previously there have been attempts to get the album reissued but former directors of the record company has flatly rejected this. For a long time we have had a suspicion over this may be due to the original master tapes were lost, it turned out not to be the case .

As a completely unofficial chairman of the fan club , I decided half a year ago to make a new attempt and started to investigate what was up and down in the case. Fortunately, the current director of the record company Sony by another casting than the earlier and he immediately sent someone out to the store where all the company’s master tapes are secured.
And it turned out that the original master tapes were safely out there and shortly after I sat with the two master tapes from Sweet Silence Studios in 1978 , one band per . side of the plate . The tape was sent to Flemming Rasmussen which was one of the technicians in the original album and for a gentle heating of the tape ( in order to ensure that the tape can be played back ), it was transferred digitally. And the play showed that the band was in perfect condition , it sounded simply fantastic with details not previously be heard . So without so much fuss was music remastered and is now better than ever.

We pondered for a long time how the re-release would be made . Should we add demos, live recordings , previously unreleased songs, we should put Hyldemor ’s contribution to the conn . Christiania plate and Fix and Ready on as bonus options were obviously numerous. In the pursuit of material that could be included in the re-release appeared a Revox reel tape up with a song that everyone had forgotten . A song that was recorded and mixed the album but for space reasons joined on the finished album (since recorded Lone Kellermann song with another title and the new arrangement , but that’s another story). And suddenly it was clear that where any other material do not as such belonged to forget the whole , it was this “new” song - “My Best Friend ” - the perfect bonus and also did the re-release complete and is now inside the team all the songs that were made to this particular plate . The rest of all the other material that is will have to wait for another time and , moreover, already long since released two CDs with concert footage and a series of demos. The “new” song was not in the same sonic quality as the master tape for the album but great skill by Flemming Rasmussen did that number again appears as it was originally made ​​and it is the bonus track at the end of the CD. ( Translated from the original text in Danish language )……………………

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Hans Vinding
Backing Vocals, Percussion – Stig Kreutzfeldt
Bass, Backing Vocals – Thor Mathiesen
Design, Illustration – Peder Bundgaard
Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals – Jens Breum
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar [12- And 6-string], Backing Vocals – John Teglgaard
Engineer – Gis Ingvardtsen, Stig Kreutzfeldt
Piano, Accordion, Backing Vocals – Tom Lundén
Producer – Michael Ritto
Remastered By – Flemming Rasmussen
Violin, Viola, Cello, Percussion – Steen Claësson
Vocals – Ida Klemann

1 Glem Det Hele 4:27
2 Drøm Eller Virkelighed 3:27
3 Alt For Meget At Gøre 2:07
4 Så Blir Jeg Så Glad 2:36
5 Den Gennemsigtige Mand 6:48
6 Tusind År 3:57
7 8 + 8 = 16 3:47
8 Åh Va Så Du 3:49
9 Alene Igen 3:21
10 Lysene Tændes 6:26
Bonus Track
11 Min Bedste Ven 3:21 

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