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29 Apr 2017

Jaume Sisa "Orgia" 1971 Spain Prog Folk,Folk Rock

Jaume Sisa  "Orgia" 1971  Spain Prog Folk,Folk Rock

“Jaume Sisa was an important part of Musica Dispersa and is a folk-rock artist with a very idiosyncratic style. His first album Orgia was a prime example of psychedelic rock the Spanish way with Sisa followings his whim much like Robin Williamson (of Incredible String Band) in his heyday. The vocals and harmonica playing is a little indebted to Bob Dylan, but of course this is a lot stranger. Elsewhere there are kazoos, piano, tablas, recorders, snippets of tapes, and even occasional strings and brass. The same year, 1971, that Musica Dispersa was released, he also put out this great solo album. Crazy acid folk with lots of humour and weird vocals by Sisa himself.”……………

A1 Risas
A2 Carrer
A3 Joc De Boles
A4 Comiendo Pollo
A4 Menjant Pollastre
A5 En El Castell
A6 Paisatge
A7 Cap A La Roda
B1 Els Reis Del Pais Deshabitat
B2 El Casament
B3 L'Amor A Les Rodes De L'Amor
B4 La Presó De Les Rodes
B5 Pasqua Florida

1968- L'Home Dibuixat 
1971- L'Orgia 
1975- Qualsevol Nit Pot Sortir el Sol 
1976- Galeta Galàctica 
1977- La Catedral 
1979- La Màgia de L'Estudiant 
1979- Antaviana 
1980- Sisa i Melodrama 
1981- Nit de Sant Joan 
1981- Noche de San Juan 
1982- Barcelona Postal 
1983- Roda la Música 
1984- Transcantautor 
1985- Sisa (Recopilatori) 
1994- Sisa: “El més galàctic” (Recopilatori) 
1996- “El Viajante”, amb Mestres, Llamado i Solfa (Disc-llibre) 
2002- Bola voladora (Drac/Virgin) 

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