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4 Apr 2017

Kalika “Kalika” 1973 Belgium Heavy Prog

Kalika “Kalika” 1973 Belgium Heavy Prog

Only a few hundred copies of this album pressed.The content was rather patchy -12 short songs that were a mixture of heavy prog & rather tedious ballads….

They have a drummer and a percussionist and they set of on a wyld set of funky go go rhythms next to more psychedelic stuff with hammond, flutes and good guitars. Really beats a lot of biggies easily and its the only copy I ever saw./Released only 500 copies/ Band played with painted faces like ‘Dragonfly’ from the Netherlands. It was released in 1973 on VOOOM-records. …………..

Bass Guitar – Ahmed Bachaoui 
Drums – Ignazio Liberto 
Flute – Carmelo Ditavi 
Guitar – Casimir Saliamorius 
Organ – Alberto Azori, Alberto Azori 
Percussion – Lucien Christofani 
Vocals – Carmelo Ditavi, Casimir Saliamorius, Lucien Christofani  

A1 Because I Think 2:45
A2 Mister Girl 2:45
A3 Ne Boude Pas 3:00
A4 Baby Come 2:30
A5 I’m Cryin’ 3:12
A6 Mina 3:00
B1 Hurricane 3:03
B2 Un Jour Je Partirai 3:10
B3 Come Back To Me 2:51
B4 Pars, C'est Fini 3:00
B5 Kalika 3:10
B6 Quand Reviendra L'été 

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