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30 Apr 2017

La Logia Sarabanda “Guayaba"1973 Uruguay Garage, Psychedelic Rock

La Logia Sarabanda “Guayaba"1973 Uruguay Garage, Psychedelic Rock 
Really Great band from Peru...this record it's just awesome...really nice fuzz guitars, an ambient garage, and a really cool latin groove........

A mix of Latin flavored garage/psych and some Latin jazz, featuring fuzz guitar. A pretty solid release. ...........

Super obscure quasi-solo project by M. Loubet, author of all tracks with the exception of the cover version of Tito Puente's Guayaba. This Uruguayan group mixes up traditional candombe essences with latin funk psych-fuzz influences for a very neat piece of pop music history of pre-dictatorial Uruguay (1973).....

"The musical project La Logia Sarabanda was created by Uruguayan Miguel Gustavo Loubet, who was a famous performer of ethnics, salsa, cumbia and other folklore styles in his country, but at a certain moment, he took the next step in his creative career as an arranger and created a psychedelic The project La Logia Sarabanda, which transported the sound of the localities of the Rio de la Plata and some Caribbean sounds to modern music at the time (psychedelia) .The author of all the songs on the album belongs to the organizer - Miguel Lobuet. The first song is the title composition, which gave the title to the album, which belongs to the band's percussionist - Tito Puente (Tito Puente). 

The stylistics of sound on the plate is constantly changing, the styles are constantly flowing one into another: salsa, candombe, murga, rhythm and blues, rock and so on. The musical themes are not extensive, but very diverse and rich in cultural roots that relate to, and reflect the universality of the musicians, that prior to participating in this project (or afterwards) were part of a group of traditional cumbeque music called 'Los Wawancó'. And these musicians, by their origin, belonged to a lot of Latin American countries. That is, the collective is international. But, the group itself did not belong, neither to Peru, nor even to Mexico, but based precisely in Uruguay. In 2007, the Italian company (not found the name) reissues this album in CD and LP versions, but its publication does not accompany any information that would facilitate the search and understanding of this music. Also, when the album was reissued, the cover image was replaced. There is information that the organizer of the group, Miguel Lobuet after this album, did not release any of his records.............

A1 Guayaba 
Written-By – Tito Puente 
A2 Cajon De Castañas 
Written-By – C. Cabrera* 
A3 Rock De La Miel 
A4 Donde Esta El Doctor 
A5 Llamada Del Sur 
B1 Todo O Ninguno 
B2 El Hombre Buscado 
Written-By – M. Castellón* 
B3 Adios A Jimi Hendrix 
A4 La Muerte Del Siglo 
A5 Mas Alla Del Sahara

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..