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23 Apr 2017

Leif Varmark “Grundtvigsange” 1974 Denmark Folk Rock

Leif Varmark “Grundtvigsange” 1974 Denmark  Folk Rock

Recorded at Gorilla-Studierne, Herringløse, April 1973
Leif Varmark (born 1941) is a Danish folk musician, songwriter, former politician from leftist socialists. In the 60’s he worked in the regional Secretariat in Copenhagen and in the office of the municipal architect in Gladsaksa, and also was an activist in the campaign for nuclear disarmament. In 1970, he became one of the founders of the festival “Thylejren” and a year later recorded the song on the verses of Ebbe Kløvedal. In the period 1973-83 he studied folklore at the University of Copenhagen, was a literary critic in the newspaper (1974-77), was engaged in teaching at the public school (1986-87 ..), published several adventure books and participated in environmental initiatives. In 2006, Leif founded the site “Ballad School”, which presents traditional Danish (medieval) ballads in theory and in practice.

In 1973, the only album “Grundtvigsange” was recorded, with the help of the great Danish musicians -Søren Seirup, Tømrerclaus…………

Bass – Søren Seirup, Tømrerclaus
Composed By – Leif Varmark
Engineer – Lars Vester Petersen
Guitar – Tømrerclaus
Jew’s Harp – Leif Varmark
Liner Notes [Grundtvig] – Ebbe Kløvedal*
Liner Notes [Songs] – Ejvind Larsen
Piano – Søren Seirup
Saxophone – Tømrerclaus
Vocals – Henning Kløvedal
Vocals, Guitar – Leif Varmark
Written-By – N. F. S. Grundtvig*

A1 Tag Det Sorte Kors Fra Graven
A2 I Danmark Er Jeg Født Og Båren
A3 Hvad Solskin Er For Det Sorte Muld
A4 Nu Skal Det Åbenbares
A5 Småfruerne
B1 Jeg Kender Et Land
B2 At Sige Verden Ret Farvel
B3 Som Dugg På Slagne Enge
B4 Kærlighed Til Fædrelandet
B5 Folk I Nord (Blændværkstimen)

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