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20 Apr 2017

Living Stones “Jesus Music”1975? ultra rare Scotland Private Psych Xian Christian Folk Rock

Living Stones “Jesus Music”1975? ultra rare Scotland Private Psych  Xian  Christian Folk Rock

Scotland again with another super good (and super rare) rock/psych goodie featuring four guys and one girl. A rather unique raw bluesy underground sound that’s heavily infused with a magical mix of wah-wah, fuzz and tremolo guitar (including some cool solo stretches). Not necessarily hard rocking, but definitely garagy, grungy and sporting an edge. Similar to the primitive style and lean arrangements of the Trinity House album, but much better, more tuneful, more psychedelic. ‘Disillusion’ is described as “an aggressive rock opus” and it’s mightily aglow with the whole garage/psych thing. Nice crude slide guitar action on ‘You Always Will’ and the title track. They muster up a catchy ‘Suzie Q’ kind of groove on ‘Going Down’. A couple very pretty softer cuts with cello (‘Nothing Is Real’ and ‘Jesus, I Think I Need You’). Same obscure Scottish label as the excellent Sanctus album. See also the EP section. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

A1 Nothing Is Real
A2 Forever To Stay
A3 Unspoken Lie
A4 They
A5 Disillusion
B1 Where Would I Be?
B2 Going Down
B3 You Always Will
B4 Jesus Music
B5 Jesus, I Think I Need You 

johnkatsmc5, welcome music..