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23 Apr 2017

Lucifer’s Friend “I’m Just A Rock'n'Roll Singer” 1973 Germany Prog Rock Kraut Rock

Lucifer’s Friend “I’m Just A Rock'n'Roll Singer” 1973 Germany Prog Rock Kraut Rock
Recorded in January And February 1973

Again, it's a pity that no one has ever reviewed this album. During my childhood in mid seventies, I was familiar with the two previous albums of the band "Lucifer's Friend" and "... Where the Groupies Killed the Blues". Excellent! I got this album just 5 years ago, approximately. This album is excellent. Don't worry about the title, the content has a lot of prog music. "Grooving Stone" and "Closed Curtains" is are straight hard rock tracks. Both are excellent. "Closed Curtains" has a blues rock influence and excellent guitar sound at the end of the track.
"Born on the Run" is a prog music with jazz and blues influence in its music. If you have a chance to listen to this track, observe the beauty of bass guitar sound excellently played by Dieter Horns. I think he is one of the best bass players in the world! The other interesting thing of this track is the guitar sound at the background while Lawton is singing. It's cool .

"Blind Freedom" is completely a prog track. It has a very beautiful melody and sung perfectly by Lawton with great backing vocals as well. Again, you may observe Dieter Horns bass playing that "walks the melody". The addition of flute-like keyboard sound at background has enriched this composition. This track is also heavily influenced by jazz. There is a nice brass section as well.

"Rock 'N' Roll Singer" is a straight rock music with brass section. "Lonely City Days" is a slow tempo track with a nice acoustic guitar and great lead guitar at the end of the track. In "Mary's Breakdown" you may observe how guitar and bass played nicely. That's what I like about the band. Observe also how Lawton sings in higher tone. It's a medium tempo kind of music but it's nice. The album concludes with "Song for Louie" that has good piano intro and vocals.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND is band that has its own identity. Their music is original. I can hardly find any influence of other prog band in their music. This album is worth for collection. BUY THE CD!

What do you think? - Gatot Widayanto, Indonesia................

Lucifer's Friend were never content to stay within one musical style, but always preferred to move on to new territories with each subsequent album. While the Metal purist's interest in Lucifer's Friend is restricted to the band's two first albums, more open minded listeners will do well to dig a little bit deeper.

The difference in sound between this and the previous two albums is striking. The dark and heavy approach is left behind here in favour of a more Hard Rock and Rock 'N' Roll style, but still with many progressive aspects. Even the lyrics are considerably more lighthearted. It is fair to say that the present disc is a transitional album between the brilliant, progressive Heavy Metal of Where The Groupies Killed The Blues and the all out Prog Rock (but no longer Metal at all) of Banquet. But while Banquet is an absolutely essential album for any fan of Progressive Rock, I'm Just A Rock 'N' Roll Singer is not essential for anyone apart from fans of this underrated band. However, there are some very good songs here too and the production values are clearly higher.

Needless to say, this album is not the best place to start with Lucifer's Friend. Metal fans should begin with the excellent Where The Groupies Killed The Blues and the self-titled debut and Prog fans should begin with SouthSideoftheSky ................

A German outfit fronted by a British singer, Lucifer's Friend first gained minor notoriety, and later major cult status, as both early practitioners of heavy metal and progressive rock. Formed in 1970 Hamburg, by former German Bonds members Peter Hesslein (guitar), Peter Hecht (keyboards), Dieter Horns (bass), and Joachim Rietenbach (drums), the group was initially dubbed Asterix and recorded an entire album's worth of material before connecting with singer John Lawton, whose then band, Stonewall, was playing a residency at the city's famed Top Ten Club. Lawton's vocals would grace Asterix's only, eponymous album later the same year, and all involved were excited enough by the results that they immediately began collaborating on more material with which to relaunch the band under the provocative new moniker of Lucifer's Friend. Released in early 1971, the Lucifer's Friend album contained organ-intensive hard rock along the same lines as contemporary proto-metal bands like Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, and, especially, Uriah Heep, for whom, coincidentally, Lawton would wind up singing several years down the line. But, for now, Lucifer's Friend's biggest challenge was a problematic aversion to touring, as well as a compositional restlessness that saw their sophomore effort, 1972's curiously named Where the Groupies Killed the Blues, morphing drastically to acquire progressive rock tendencies reminiscent of King Crimson and, to a lesser degree, the quickly emerging Krautrock acts of the period. These compositional experiments would only intensify on 1973's I'm Just a Rock 'n' Roll Singer, which added entire brass sections in the vein of Chicago Transit Authority, and 1974's Banquet (featuring new drummer Herbert Bornhold), which soared upon even jazzier elements and symphonic arrangements delivered with help from the James Last Orchestra. Lucifer's Friend would finally reign in such extravagance on 1976's Mind Exploding LP (where Bornhold was demoted to percussionist behind new drummer Curt Cress), and they even considered increasing their touring engagements, but their only problem now was that Lawton had quit -- accepting the offer to join Uriah Heep that was mentioned earlier. Scotsman Mike Starrs (formerly singer for Colosseum II) was brought in to replace him and Lucifer's Friend proceeded to abruptly abandon their progressive past for good, embracing melodic mainstream rock on a pair of albums: 1978's Good Time Warrior and 1980's Sneak Me In (adding second keyboardist Adrian Askew). Then, John Lawton returned for a final, harder-rocking Lucifer's Friend album, 1981's Mean Machine, after which the group officially split up until 1994's one-off reunion LP, Sumo Grip. Interestingly, through all of these years and stylistic changes, it's ironically that original Lucifer's Friend album -- more so than their more abundant prog rock releases -- which has enjoyed the most frequent reissues, being considered a classic document of early heavy metal. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia............

Line-up / Musicians
- John Lawton / vocals
- Peter Hecht / keyboards
- Dieter Horns / bass, backing vocals
- Peter Hesslein / guitar, backing vocals
- Joachim Reitenbach / drums
- Herbert Bornhold / percussion

A1 Groovin' Stone 5:18
A2 Closed Curtains 6:00
A3 Born On The Run 3:48
A4 Blind Freedom
Soprano Saxophone – Herb Geller
Trumpet – Bob Lanese
B1 Rock'n'Roll Singer 3:45
B2 Lonely City Days 4:55
B3 Mary's Breakdown 5:51
B4 Song For Louie 7:14 

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