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22 Apr 2017

Madrigal "Sunshine And Baked Beans" 1970 Canada Psych Pop Rock

Madrigal  "Sunshine And Baked Beans" 1970 Canada Psych Pop Rock

The team gathered in 1968 in the town of Willowdale (Ontario) north of Toronto, when met with the students of junior high school. Owner «Tuesday Records» Greg Hambleton offered to children re-record the song «I Believe In Sunshine», which was previously recorded «A Passing Fancy». Later, the theme of the Canadian reached the Top 20 and spent six weeks in the Top 40 and became part of the band’s debut album. The band broke up in 1973 and reunited in the other part of 1975, but not for long. Peter Boynton later played in the «Red Rider» Tom Cochrane……….

Madrigal formed in 1968 during the members’ days at Willowdale Junior High School north of Toronto. They had been spotted by Greg Hambleton, owner of Tuesday Records, and he had them re-record his song “I Believe In Sunshine” in 1970 (which A Passing Fancy had also recorded). The track reached the Canadian Top20 and spent six weeks riding the Top40. The song was part of their debut album ‘Sunshine And Baked Beans’. 

The follow up single was 1971’s “Hallelujah” which didn’t appear on the album. 

The band broke up in 1973 but reunited with a different line-up in 1975 but that too was short lived. 

Peter Boynton went on to join Red Rider with Tom Cochrane…………..

Formed by a bunch of high school chums at Willowdale, Ontario, Madrigal consisted of Rick Henderson on guitars, guitarist/bassist John Swainson, Peter Bonyton on piano, and drummer Don Simpson in 1968. They’d been playing the Toronto circuit for close to a year, developing a style that mixed some psychadelic rock influences and the day’s modern pop, when they were noticed one night by Greg Hambleton, owner of Tuesday Records. 
He signed them to management and recording deals, and they were in the studios by the summer of '69. They released their version of his song “I Believe In Sunshine” (recorded by A Passing Fancy two years earlier), and took it to the top 20. Their debut album, SUNSHINE AND BAKED BEANS followed in the spring of 1970, and was then re-released later that year with a different jacket. Produced by Hambleton, he also wrote three of the other songs, including the b-side, “Lady.” Other noteable cuts included “Picture Frame” (one of five tracks written or co-written by Boynton), and “Television Nightmare,” the only song co-written by all four members. 

They toured the Ontario area, making some stops in the US along the way, before returning to the studios with Hambleton later that year. The new single, “Hallelujah,” backed with “Freedom” went nowhere in early '71. And amid personnel problems that were coupled with financial issues with the label, the band folded by early '73. 

They toiled around in different projects until regrouping a year and a half later, with Bill Dillon taking over on guitars from Henderson. But when that version of the group also failed to make any headway, they split up again a short time later. Everyone went on to other projects, including Boynton joining Red Rider, or got out of the business all together……………

John Swainson - guitar, bass, vocals 
Rick Henderson - guitar, vocals 
Peter Boynton - piano, organ, bass, vocals 
Don Simpson - drums, vocals

01. I Believe In Sunshine - 2:33 
02. Picture Frame - 2:19 
03. Boog - 2:40 
04. Television Nightmare - 2:52 
05. Lady - 3:15 
06. Lovely Lady - 4:01 
07. The Diddler Song - 2:26 
08. Weekend - 2:19 
09. Tell Her That - 2:48 
10. You Got It Wrong - 2:22

1970 I Believe In Sunshine/Lady (Tuesday) 102 
1971 Hallelujah/Freedom (Tuesday) 111 

1970 Sunshine And Baked Beans (Tuesday) 1002 

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