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5 Apr 2017

Natalie Natimbe 2009 - 2013 “Margoz 2001- "Sankèr” 2005- “Karma” 2009 Bonbon Zetwal (2013) Dub Rock,Jazz Rock,fusion,Ethnic,Jazz

Natalie Natimbe  2009 - 2013 “Margoz 2001- "Sankèr” 2005- “Karma” 2009 Bonbon Zetwal -2013   Dub Rock,Jazz Rock,fusion,Ethnic,Jazz
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Natalie Natimbe is a singer from the Creole Islands, Reunion. She offers Creole poetry, and her musical style is enriched with the influence of French music (Edith Piaf, Charles Trene), African percussion and music of the Indian Ocean, with a slight hint of electro-rock experiment…………….

Nathalie Natiembe is a Reunionese singer of Maloya. Marking by Alain Peters and Danyèl Waro, she has enriched her musical style with influences from French chanson (Édith Piaf, Charles Trenet), African music and music from the Indian Ocean.

In 2005, his album Sankèr won the “Choc du Monde de la Musique” award. Between tradition and modernity, the album is directed by Yann Costa (member of the group Zong) which brings to him an electronic touch discreet and subtle. We can also hear Malagasy accordionist Régis Gizavo, percussionists Sami Pageaux, Jean Amémoutou and Mauritian percussionist Lélou Menwar, specialist in the ravanne.

The year 2009 marks the release of the album Karma, produced in collaboration with the musicians of Bumcello, namely Vincent Ségal and Cyril Atef [1].

Nathalie Natiembe regularly sings at the world music festival Sakifo, created in 2004.

The album Bonbon Zetwal is released in October 2013. It marks a slight change of style, Nathalie Natiembé trying a world music flirting with the 70’s………..

Margoz, Discorama, 2002.
Sankèr, Marabi, 2005.
Karma, Sakifo Records, 2009.
Bonbon Zetwal, 2013. 

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