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4 Apr 2017

Public Enemies “Public Enemies” 1966 Norway Garage beat, R & B

Public Enemies “ Public Enemies” 1966 mega rare  Norway  Garage beat, R & B band
Super rare norwegian garage beat album. This italian(!) original issue of it which also is even more impossible to locate also comes with an entirely different sleeve 

R & B band from Oslo, started in 1965. Public Enemies was one of the greatest Norwegian groups in the ‘60s. The band ran really out of an unnamed band that had its roots in the club Club 7, where the second part was to Little Earl & The Sapphires (Earl Wilson). 

The band consisted initially of the former jazz musicians Hans Marius Stormoen on bass (he had in 1962 become Norwegian champion in jazz as a member of Jan Garbarek Quartet), Petter Holm played guitar and sang (and had played bass with Roald Stensby 50s ) and organist Arild Boman. Multi musician Jan Lie played drums and sang, while Thomas Berg Monsen played the harmonica and singing. Bjørn Johansen played guitar and sang. At the very end came Christian Reim from Porsgrunn into the organ, he also with jazz backgrounds. 

They released the single “I Call It Pretty Music” and EP Elevate Me on company Volt, but soon got a contract with Arne Bendiksen A / S. In November 1966 came the album From Public Enemies Without Love, as purely material terms showed what the band stood for - some hard soul of James Brown, part R & B from American artists such as Larry Williams and Bo Diddley and someone, everything in strong black American spirit. 

The band appeared in an episode of the television series Family Andersen, played single release “Shotgun” in the film Hooray for Andersen, and also did a couple of singles with jazz singer Karin Krog: “Sunny” and “Whole Lotta Shaking Going On.” 

In 1967, Public Enemies dissolved, when two of its members, Stormoen and Reim, went over to Dream. Johansen and Small formed the band The Prophets, Small also released solo single “Distant Love” in 1968. Both he and Stormoen was later included in the brewery hallway Blue Band. Small had his own band, Glasshus and released the LP on January 1 Lies glasshouse (Jalirec, 1985). Jan Lie died in 1993.

1 –Public Enemies Out Of Sight 2:24 
2 –Public Enemies Green Onions 2:12 
3 –Public Enemies Don’t Fight It 2:40 
4 –Public Enemies I Don’t Mind 2:26 
5 –Public Enemies Bo Diddley 2:47 
6 –Public Enemies Ya Ya Song 3:09 
7 –Public Enemies Little Red Rooster 2:22 
8 –Public Enemies Bonnie Maronnie 2:39 
9 –Public Enemies Believe Me 3:25 
10 –Public Enemies Shake The Kinks Loose 2:26 
11 –Public Enemies Barry 6:06 
12 –The Vanguards Tonight, Tonight 2:32 
13 –The Vanguards Hey Girl 2:59 
14 –The Vanguards One Track Mind 2:12 
15 –The Vanguards Mohair Sam 2:25 
16 –The Vanguards Graduation Day 2:38 
17 –The Vanguards I Must Try And Live Alone 2:38 
18 –The Vanguards Baby, No 2:36 
19 –The Vanguards I Think Of You 2:53 
20 –The Vanguards I Keep To Myself 3:15 
21 –The Vanguards I Don’t Love You Anymore 2:39 
22 –The Vanguards I Cry 2:39 
23 –The Vanguards Madman 2:56 

I Call It Pretty Music (EP, 1965) 
Elevate Me (EP, Volt, 1965) 
Believe Me (EP, Thunder, 1966) 
Shotgun (EP, Triola, 1966) 
Familien Andersen (EP, 1966) 
Sunny/Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On (EP, Sonet, featuring Karin Krog, 1966) 
From Public Enemies Without Love (LP, Sonet, 1966) 
Public Enemies (LP, Thunder, 1966) 

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