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28 Apr 2017

Quicksilver Messenger Service “Marin County Cowboys: The Ultimate Anthology, Vol. 1" Bootleg (Recorded in 1966-1968) US Psych Rock

Quicksilver Messenger Service “Marin County Cowboys: The Ultimate Anthology, Vol. 1"  Bootleg (Recorded in 1966-1968) US Psych Rock
full disc 1

Marin County Cowboys is a double-disc bootleg package compiling fragments of several previously uncirculated Quicksilver Messenger Service live recordings. Due to the nature of this set, there are occasional tape edits and sound dropouts, however the overall sonic quality is very good to excellent and the track selection is premium. In addition, this volume contains previously unissued titles, a pair of untitled instrumentals, as well as a few rarely performed cover tunes. Disc one commences with the first of two vintage radio advertisements. The first of these promotes the November 25th and 26th, 1966 performances featuring Quicksilver Messenger Service supported by Big Brother and the Holding Company and Country Joe & the Fish at the Avalon Ballroom. What follows are professionally documented fragments from several sets in the Bay Area circa ‘66/'67. Quicksilver Messenger Service devotees will inevitably want to seek out complete copies of these sets. However, for those who can’t track them down, Marin County Cowboys is not only compiled with impeccable taste, it also includes hard to find studio and one-off live cuts as well – including “If You Live” from the band’s appearance at the Monterey Pop festival. The first disc concludes with the second of two radio ads. Although the group is not mentioned by name in this Chevrolet Camaro ad, John Cipollina’s guitar is unmistakeable. Disc two focuses on material from Happy Trails and slightly beyond. The opening, aptly titled “Blues Jam,” is an extended highlight that features the stratospheric group dynamic which Quicksilver Messenger Service became legendary for. Especially tasty are the conversations between bassist David Freiberg and Cipollina. This non-Bay Area appearance – at Bill “Uncle Bobo” Graham’s Fillmore East – is also featured on the legit Unreleased Quicksilver: Lost Gold and Silver……… Lindsay Planer ……………

Disc 1 
01. Avalon Ballroom Radio spot 0:33 
02. Stand By Me 4:00 
03. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You 4:43 
04. Pride of Man 3:55 
05. Smokestack Lightning 6:20 
06. Codeine 5:23 
07. Gold and Silver 2:15 
08. Hoochie Coochie Man 5:06 
09. If You Live 3:18 
10. Too Long 3:17 
11. Who Do You Love 6:05 
12. Walking Blues 3:13 
13. Codeine 5:11 
14. You Don’t Love Me 2:45 
15. Duncan & Brady 2:56 
16. Instrumental 2:59 
17. Dandelion 2:13 
18. If You Live 6:36 
19. Hey Mama (Keep Your Big Mouth Shut) 2:25 
20. Camaro Radio Spot 1:13 

Total 74:38 

Disc 2 
01. Blues Jam 8:57 
02. Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You 6:01 
03. Mona 6:38 
04. Maiden of the Cancer Moon / Calvary 10:50 
05. Light Your Windows 3:06 
06. Song Intro 0:20 
07. Dino’s Song 3:17 
08. Backdoor Man 4:42 
09. Who Do You Love Suite 26:32 
10. Edward The Mad Shirt Grinder 7:32

D1, Tracks 1-8: Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco - September 9, 1966 
D1, Tracks 9-13: Pacific High Studios, San Francisco - 1966 
D1, Tracks 14-17: Matrix, San Francisco - March 19, 1967 
D1, Track 18: Monterey Pop Festival - June 17, 1967 
D1, Track 19: Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco - September 14, 1967 
D1, Track 20: venue, date not stated 
D2, Tracks 1-2: Fillmore West, San Francisco - November 7, 1968 
D2, Tracks 3-5: Fillmore West, San Francisco - November 8, 1968 
D2, Tracks 6-8: Fillmore East, NYC - June 7, 1968 
D2, Track 9: Extra Long Version TRT - Studio & Live - 1968 
D2, Track 10: Winterland, San Francisco - January 31, 1968 

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