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1 Apr 2017

Siloah “Sukram Gurk” 1972 Germany Private Psych Prog second album

Siloah “Sukram Gurk” 1972  mega rare Germany Private Psych Prog second album

This is Siloah sukram gurk, German private underground psych on German Blues And Underground Records (stereo 1558 025-1 stamped matrix) from 1972. Beyond rare psych with organ based long jammers…these guys deserve the price of most psyched-out German band ever! Among the 5 rarest German private LP’s and a mondatory purchase for any krautrock collector………
Siloah was an almost completely different band when they recorded Sukram Gurk, their second and final album. On the record, released in 1972, the group turns up the volume a couple notches as the acoustic guitars are traded in, and the group is pared down to an electric three-piece of organ, bass, and drums, with an extra percussionist thrown in. The record is darker and edgier than the earlier album, but at the same time, it is not a complete about-face, as Siloah retains their unpolished sound, amateurish playing, and loose improvisational feel, with long instrumental jamming and bare-bone riffs. The record opens with the garage-band attack of “Milk Blue Mind,” with vocal chorus caterwauling “Mother, I’m dying,” before the piece drifts into long improvisations, more energetic vocal screams and wails, and even a drum solo. Except for some more rough vocals on “Feast of the Pickpockets,” the rest of the record is instrumental, though no less effective, whether the mid-paced “Magic carpet Ride” or the slowly building organ grind that begins “Feast of the Pickpockets,” or the avant-funk of “Stony,” with its thundering drums and driving bassline. The bonus track, “She Is on My Mind,” done a year later by a couple members of Siloah with a couple members of Os Mundi, sounds like a wretched attempt at a commercial pop song, and not at all up the standards of the material on the CD, and does neither Siloah nor Os Mundi any justice……by Rolf Semprebon ….. 
In this album, the obscure germans of Siloah explore a new musical direction that has almost nothing in common with the acid-bucolic-primitive-folk of their beginning. The music is highly concentrated on complex, melodic progressive rock psychedelica dominated by electric organs’ powerful chords. The album is proggier and much more structured that their previous one. The opening theme starts as a humorous proggy pop ballad then carries on an ultra expressive organ section focused on serene melodies. Magic Carpet ride to the alps is a grooved out, sensual organic improvisation, strictly instrumental with a discreet experimental touch. Feast of the pickpockets is a gorgeous dreamy-like, spacy dramatic interlude for warm organic tones. Stony is an other psychedelic improvisation sustained by furious keyboards and a frantic freak'n roll action. Obviously recommended for krautrock fans despite it’s not a classic. Nicely made! …. by philippe ………..
“The second and last one by the Munich underground band, this time with keyboards and more professional. From the master tapes.” New reissue of the 2nd and final Siloah album, originally released in 1972. As with the debut album, this was previously reissued by the now defunct Lost Pipe Dreams label, now in more superior form – from master tapes with 1 bonus track. Very loose, tripped-out feel with Can-like atmospheres at times. The absolute finest in early 70s flowing psychedelics and an essential document of the era……..  
Originally released in 1972. Siloah, is a trio from Munich, Germany. I don’t think I’ve encountered that many CD’s that were SO dominated by keyboards. “Milk Blue Mind” is a sixteen minute cut, that sounds more like a rehearsal. Kind of what makes this disc semi-special. There are times on this reissue CD that sounds all too much like The Animals doing a soundcheck. Personally, I sort of dug the way the band pulls that off. “Magic Carpet Ride To The Alps” and “Feast Of The Pickpockets” are both really good early ‘70’s stoner tunes.“Stoney” is a rather cool instrumental as the bonus cut “She Is On My Mind” reminds me of one of those long-lost classics that you can never remember who did the song. It’s noted here that Siloah main man / organist Thom Argauer provides all the vocals. Siloah has been described as 'a tamer Amon Duul II’. See what you think. …… By Mike Reed ………..
Siloah was a short-lived trio from Munich,Germany. They released just two albums. This was their second,put out in 1972. I don’t think I’ve encountered many CD’s that have been SO dominated by keyboards. “Milk Blue Mind” is sixteen minutes that tend to sound more like a rehearsal. Kind of what makes it special. There are times on this disc where it sounds like maybe the Animals doing a soundcheck. Actually, I like the way that Siloah pulls that off. “Magic Carpet Ride To The Alps” and “Feast Of The Pickpockets” are both good early '70’s drugged out tunes. “Stony” is a rather nicely done instrumental and the CD reissue’s bonus track “She Is On My Mind” reminds me of one of those long-lost classics that you JUST can’t remember who did the song. Siloah has been described as a 'tamer’ Amon Duul II. See what you think. …………..

Bass, Vocals – Florian Laber
Drums – Markus Krug
Organ, Vocals – Thom Argauer
Percussion – Blacky Zumstein

A Milk Blue Mind 16:15
B1 Magic Carpet Ride To The Alps 2:38
B2 Feast Of The Pickpockets 8:39
B3 Stony 4:26
B4 A Land Lady’s Dessert 0:46 

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